May 20, 2024

Ambulances and police arrive at the May Festival at Aichhaha Airfield after a child is bitten by a dog. What on earth happened?

moment of shock holiday: At 2:30 pm on May 1st, many tourists are enjoying the weather at Eichach Airfield. His May festival at the Air Sports Club was in full swing when an ambulance and police arrived and headed to the playground. The dog bit his 3-year-old boy and grabbed him on the lips.

Police say the dog became frightened by the child and continued running towards the child.

In an interview with the editorial department, Aicchach police said the dog was leashed under a bench near a playground where children were playing and was “very well behaved.” The owners were nearby. “From what we know at this point, the child approached the dog multiple times, so the dog’s owner took care to make sure nothing happened.” In an unnoticed moment, the child finally approached the dog again. Police say the dog became frightened and started biting the child.

“At this time, from our perspective, neither the dog nor the owner are to blame,” a police spokesperson said. The dog’s owner was very cooperative at the scene, and the dog seemed to trust the officers. A police spokesperson said the three-year-old’s lip injury was also minor. “Wu had to receive medical treatment, but it was not serious.” (D major)

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