May 27, 2024

Altenstadt/WN. At around 9:50am on Saturday morning, a 66-year-old man from Altenstadt was driving a BMW on the B22 towards Parkstein on the district road. As he tried to turn left towards Meerbodenreuth, he missed a 43-year-old man from Parkstein who was heading towards him in a VW.

Symbol image of the Bavarian State Police police car

Iconic image: OberpfalzECHO/Ann-Marie Zell

The two vehicles then collided near an intersection. Both drivers suffered minor injuries, and the driver of the Volkswagen was taken to the hospital. The person who caused the accident did not receive medical treatment.

The total damage to both vehicles was approximately 32,000 euros. They had to be towed. The driver of the BMW smelled of alcohol when the accident was recorded. The charges were confirmed through a voluntary alcohol test. As a result, a blood sample was ordered and his driver’s license was confiscated. Units from the Meerbodenreuth and Parkstein fire stations were called to the scene of the accident to direct traffic and clear the road.

the dog was unharmed

Finally, it must be mentioned that two dogs were carried in the perpetrator’s car. One of the two, a small black person (nothing else is known), fled the scene of the accident. Neither animal was obviously injured.

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