May 18, 2024

There was also a dispute involving a dog owner in the Louisenstrasse/Dunkembre area.
There was also a dispute involving a dog owner in the Louisenstrasse/Dunkembre area. ©Michael Klein

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The dog’s owner regularly takes four or five four-legged friends for walks in the Dorsten area, some of them off-leash, and other dog owners in the neighborhood. It is especially popular from

“When she shows up, everyone immediately chooses a different path or turns back,” says the 58-year-old resident. He himself did not get this chance on April 23, 2023, which was a painful outcome.

One of the incidents suddenly occurred that day when the Holsterhausen resident walked out his front door with his two dogs, and the 47-year-old early retiree had to answer in court.

That day, one of the defendant’s dogs, which was not on a leash, ran up to the defendant and his four-legged friends and attacked them, according to the indictment. The man ended up breaking his ribs in the fall and is still suffering from long-term effects.

The defendant stated that he had the dog on a leash. But he broke up with her so violently that she couldn’t hold on to him. But her dog wasn’t the cause of her fall.

“The dog was surrounding him and the leash got caught in his leg, causing him to fall in the courtroom. The victim himself did not know why he was falling or why he was falling. “Probably. It would have been my dog’s leash,” he also said at one point – not guilty in this case.

“I am the object of hatred.”

The 47-year-old woman, who had been diagnosed with borderline symptoms and depression due to long-term drug abuse, denied the other charges, according to her probation officer and supervisor. But she admitted. She said: “I always had trouble with people because they didn’t like me and I was the object of their hatred.”

There were two similar disputes in April and May 2023, which may have involved the defendant’s temporary personality disorder. She is said to have insulted another dog owner in the Dankenbrae/Luisenstrasse area.

The victim had previously complained that the 47-year-old’s dogs had been “barking and harassing her” when they were left loose. “I like to swear, but no such foul language was used,” the defendant said.

bite your hand

Third charge: Also in April 2023, one of her four-legged friends attacked another dog without a leash. A 68-year-old woman was bitten on the hand by the animal while trying to protect her dog.

Judge Sandra Brüggemann therefore found her guilty of manslaughter. “Unless we can bring the dogs back or make sure no one gets hurt, the animals will have to be leashed,” she told the defendant.

The sentence was a fine of 800 euros. However, the actual problem remains largely unsolvable. In the long run, this means reconciling the interests of the mentally ill defendant who absolutely wants a dog and the neighbor who wants to be left alone by the woman and her animal. .

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