May 20, 2024

What happens if I deport my animal?

This was not the first time charges have been brought against animal rights activists. But there are consequences for owners.

Rosi and Silke Pfümfel take care of the animals that were found. They get angry if the owner just wants to get rid of them. That happened recently.

Rosi and Silke Pfümfel take care of the animals that were found. They get angry if the owner just wants to get rid of them. That happened recently.
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vocal. The fact that the woman allegedly picked up her own dog and deported it to the Reisnig Animal Shelter as a dog has angered her as well as members of the Reisnig Animal Protection Society.

But it wasn’t an entirely new situation for the animal shelter. “Fortunately, it’s not often that animals like this are forced onto us, but it has happened,” said Rossi Pfünfel, president of the Animal Protection Society.

A similar incident happened a few years ago. The discovery of the animal was reported at this time as well, and the animal shelter once again issued a request for cooperation in finding the animal’s owner. And some neighbors noticed the animal.

Comes with matching belt and muzzle

In the case of dogs, you can often find the owner because many neighbors recognize the animal. But there are often discrepancies, and recent incidents have raised doubts among animal rights activists. “When we picked up the dog, the woman called the dog’s name, which was very strange. She also had a matching harness and muzzle, and the dog was very happy when the woman returned. ” explained Rosi Pfünfel.

However, for cats, levies occur more frequently. Often these are cats that have not been neutered and are giving birth to kittens. “Then they always say it was discovered on their farm and not the person who claimed to have discovered it. “In the case of cats, it’s much harder to prove whether that’s true or not. ” she continued. The Animal Welfare Association’s daily bread and butter is animal adoption. Just last week, four cats were surrendered. Although such animals are not “hyped”, they are often brought to animal shelters, perhaps for the wrong reasons.

Love for animals often ends with money.

A young couple gave up their cat because it was urinating in their apartment. But Pfanfel doesn’t think that’s the reason. “A lot of people get animals without thinking twice. Since the kittens are one year old, they should really be neutered now,” she continued. Another woman gave up her cat of 14 years. Pfümfel said that although she had health issues, she was not severe enough to prevent him from continuing to care for her.

“She called several times before and asked how old the cat was,” the chairman said. This gave her the impression that she didn’t want to bother her if the cat died. She cannot understand how someone could carelessly let an animal go after so long. She often experiences that her love for animals ends when her veterinary bills pile up. Now, she is also having repercussions for the owner who gave up her dog as a stray. On the one hand, the association charged her for her veterinary fees, and on the other hand, the woman was prohibited from keeping dogs by a licensed veterinarian. This means she will never be officially allowed to own a dog again.

But despite everything, there are also many beautiful moments. “We currently have a boarding dog because the owner is in rehab. He calls every week to ask how his animal is doing and looks forward to picking him up again.” Probably a few. It may be moved to a new home within the week.

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