May 18, 2024

For many camping fans, dogs are just part of the vacation. Four-legged friends are usually welcome on the pitch, although there may be regulations and bans in place in hotels and holiday homes. But very disappointing for other travelers…

In many camping forums, there seems to be a growing resistance to dog owners. Many people no longer want to accept the ongoing noise pollution and pollution. Will dogs be banned in public spaces soon?

“Camp is over”

“Camping is over for the time being,” said one man, expressing his determination not to take a vacation in a campervan. It is not his decision that is causing the uproar, but rather the dog’s owner. For him, it is clear that the situation in many campsites in Germany is no longer sustainable. Now he’s angry and seems nervous…

The constant “screaming” and dog poop everywhere was the last straw. Many people seem to see his statement as confirmed. “I get that, but it can be frustrating sometimes,” says one man. Another added: “That sound is pure fear.” For many people, the problem is not the dog, but the “inconsiderate owners” who let the animals do whatever they want. Some people are already thinking they will have to go back to the hotel. But there are other solutions as well.

+++Camp: Vacationers consider this development negligent – “people were paying attention before”+++

Camping: possible without a dog

Nowadays, the majority of camping fans don’t want to go places with their dogs. “Unfortunately, I can’t live or go anywhere without it,” says one man. However, his idea is very wrong. Tour operators have long understood the situation. Among other things, the ADAC travel magazine “Pincamp” provides a comprehensive overview of campsites where dogs are not allowed.

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However, some people do not refuse animals out of anger at inconsiderate owners. Some people prefer not to have their four-legged friends with them on vacation because they have allergies or a fear of dogs.

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