May 21, 2024

a 5 year old girl Last Saturday night in Palma de Mallorca dog inside bitten on the head.It was then that paramedics were called to the scene. face Already a child Wounded.After initial treatment, the victim plastic surgery to the hospital They are Espase gebracht.

According to a report by the online news portal Crónica Barea, parents had to watch M’s performance.Arokin Sheepdog kinds bit her head and face several times And he literally ripped the little one’s face off.

It all started harmlessly and was closed Visiting a friend’s house We drove with them to get a good start to the weekend.a little girl started play with dog.It worked fine at first usually, Because they seemed to be having fun.But then the tide has turned.

Suddenly, a large four-legged friend jumps on the child, only him again and again brutal to the head and emergency call When paramedics arrived, the 5-year-old was found completely dead. Wounded in front. First, we needed to stabilize her health.Go ahead out of danger In other words, the victim was able to hospital brought in in a condition that the doctor must try at once plastic OP Restore your face.

why The dogs attacked the child all at once. Not sure.The police called by his parents left him alone. hierarchy According to records of such incidents, Tier Station Son Reus Where are you taking him until further notice? quarantine remain.

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