May 18, 2024

What would life be without our loyal four-legged friends? In Germany, around 11 million dogs sniff and rustle, bringing joy and disruption to people’s daily lives. I’m trying to bring it. But the new RTL program “The Big Dogs – With Martin Rütter” impressively shows that with more dogs comes not only more love, but also more responsibility…

Martin Rütter: “Carne Corso Hermann won’t inspire everyone”

Sunday’s episode (May 5) spotlights a very special specimen. It’s the Cane Corso “Baby” Hermann, a truly gigantic breed of dog. With an astonishing size of 70 cm at the shoulder and a weight of 47 kg, this dog will never fit in a handbag. But this impressive stature also comes with its own challenges. The Cane Corso is owned by the Diaz family of Rhinebeck.

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Mistress Jessica is overjoyed with Hermann, but not everyone shares her enthusiasm. In particular, her daughter Marie, who reluctantly takes on the role of caretaker of the dog, is unable to make friends with the giant of her family. Although Hellman enjoys organic muffins made with fresh fruits and vegetables from organic farmers, Marie openly expresses her skepticism: I think he likes me, but I just don’t like him. ”

Dog expert Martin Rütter approaches this family’s situation with humor and empathy, rather than being surprised. “I totally feel for Marie,” Rütter admits. “She didn’t choose animals. She’s forced to live with animals like that, and now she must somehow feel it’s great. Her whole family is roommates with animals.” “Honestly, I understand that she doesn’t love all dogs,” says Rütter. concluded.

You can find out how Marie and Hermann’s love-hate relationship continues on Sunday (May 5) at 3:45 pm on RTL or in advance in the RTL+ media library.

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