May 18, 2024

Animals, especially dogs and cats, often end up in animal shelters because they were previously abandoned. Like many other facilities, Dortmund’s animal shelter is already facing bankruptcy. When it comes to release locations, there are often no limits to the owners’ creativity.

At a motorway rest stop, in a remote forest, or, as in this case, at Dortmund Central Station, the owner simply leaves the animal there and leaves it to its fate.

Dog found at Dortmund Central Station

A woman noticed a small dog at Dortmund Central Station on Thursday afternoon (May 2nd). The little four-legged friend was tied up in a bicycle shed near the post office on Kurf├╝rstenstrasse. When there was no sign of her owner after two hours, the 51-year-old woman mustered up the courage to report her observations to federal police officers at Dortmund Central Station around 2:30 p.m. did.

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The animal exhibits disorganized behavior. It was obvious that he was scared and was biting. The officers quickly decided to take stock of the situation themselves. The little four-legged friend was probably still waiting in vain for its owner, but the emergency services were slowly but surely approaching.

A dog abandoned at Dortmund Central Station.
A dog abandoned at Dortmund Central Station. photograph: federal police

dog bite

The dog tried to scare the police by growling loudly and biting the air, confirming witness statements here. In a photo released by federal police, the dog is seen lying on the ground, hunched over and looking anxious. Nevertheless, they were able to secure him and initially provide him with drinking water.

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The Dortmund Fire Department was then alerted and the animal was lured into a shipping box. The dog is currently being held at an animal shelter. Federal police have launched an investigation into the unknown owner of the animal on suspicion of violating the Animal Welfare Act.

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