May 18, 2024

Schnefeldingen. A leash in your hand? Do you have sturdy shoes on your feet? Is water and compensation included? Then you can go! Four-legged friends will have to wait a little longer, but people are in the mood to join Hermann Lens, a woman wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt with her backpack on her back. “Open your eyes, close your mouth, and walk quietly, and the secret will be revealed.”

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Lydia Albers (male) took her first tour of Osterheide with her neighbors after the winter holidays. Caro (R) is bringing German shepherd mixes Tony and Sumtier, while Claudia is bringing Lenny, a miniature poodle.

A few lines from his poem “Höret” are especially important for Lydia Albers as she guides people through her homeland. “I want to inspire people with the little things you don’t expect. Albers is one of the certified naturals.”Lüneburg Wilderness Landscape Guide. The touring season starts now.

The 49-year-old says from experience that many people who bring dogs are mainly concerned with the prohibitions that come with nature reserves. “For me, it is important first to explain the commandments and show how they benefit us as humans. Second, to show that you can still have a wonderful natural experience even if you follow the rules of behavior. I want to tell you.”

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Advantages of ban

At the first stop on the tour, Albers places a card with a photo on the ground. Above each photo are commandments such as “Do not pick berries,” “Parking only in designated areas,” and “Use only official routes.” “Which ban will benefit us?” she asked the group. Among them all, the bottom line is:

The 49-year-old wants to talk about creating cultural landscapes and raise awareness about their importance. And she gives lots of hints about dogs and heather, a subject close to her heart. What to do if an adder bites your four-legged friend? How to deal with a snail swarm? An encounter with a wolf? How can you prevent tick bites? “These are all Heath touch points.”

When Lydia Albers goes on an adventure, of course her dog Frida is always there.

The tour guide came up with a total of 9 information stations and a PlayStation. Some of these are for people, while others are for dogs, including a little exploration game along the way.

Short portraits of all nature and landscape guides with their respective focus and language can be found at with the keyword “Learning and experiencing”. All tours can be booked online at More information about hiking with dogs can be found at


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