May 18, 2024

Ban on trend sports The end of downward dog: ‘puppy yoga’ banned in Italy

Would you like to relieve stress by snuggling up with your puppy in “puppy yoga”?This is currently prohibited in Italy

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“Puppy yoga” has become a trending sport in many big cities. This is a yoga class with puppies. Italy currently bans them.

Organizers of so-called “puppy yoga” classes have taken downward dog a step further. Yoga with puppies can be fun and have a calming effect on participants. This is far from soothing for puppies and has been criticized by animal rights activists almost everywhere the popular course is offered. As reported by APA news agency, this trending sport has been banned in Italy.

Following multiple complaints from animal protection groups, Rome’s Ministry of Health has decided that the use of puppies in yoga classes is illegal. In the future, only adult dogs may be used for wellness activities such as yoga.

Italian animal rights activist criticizes ‘puppy yoga’

The Ministry was provided with the names of all organizations that had direct contact with breeders to borrow puppies. Recently, there have been several reports of puppies often being mistreated. Piera Rosati, from the animal protection group LNDC Animal Protection, told the Guardian: “Yoga should not only be a physical activity, but, at least in theory, a spiritual activity that aims to harmonize with the universe.” . But harmony and happiness will come in time.” Puppies that are not given are turned into objects and exploited. ”

According to the Guardian’s dog experts, there’s also a risk that people will fall in love with puppies when they cuddle them. Some people may make the impulsive decision to simply adopt one of their dogs without thinking deeply about the consequences of that decision.

What is called “animal-assisted activities” in Italy is not necessarily new. Animals are often incorporated into forms of therapy because their presence can have a positive impact on people. But animal rights activists say the risk of being overwhelmed by the situation is too high when the animal is a puppy. This trend is gaining popularity all over the world, especially through social media. Puppy yoga is still allowed in Germany.

source: Guardian, what is it?

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