May 18, 2024

Nienhagen. The dog attack on Michelweg in Nienhagen turned out to be less serious than initially feared. After CZ reported that a male Akita and a small white dog were attacked by a Cane Corso, the owner also called the police. “The animal is doing well again. The bite wound was treated by a veterinarian. According to the owner, no surgery was required,” police spokesman Sven Weichselfelder said. This is a breed of dog called Shih Tzu.

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Cane Corso’s owner is from Jutze

The owner of the Cane Corso has also been identified. According to police, the man is from the Yutse community. Officials from Wadlingen spoke to the man. “He has already paid the veterinary bills for the two injured dog owners,” Weichselfelder said. The owner of this small white dog is not interested in criminal prosecution. A police spokesperson said: “The other dog’s owner reserves the right to pursue criminal charges.” This officially concerns property damage. If no criminal charges are filed, the case will likely be discontinued. The Yutse community was informed about the incident by the police. Currently, it is up to local governments to decide whether to impose conditions on Cane Corso owners. Large and powerful animals are not used as fighting dogs. For example, they are used as guard dogs.

“The most important thing for us is that Zenji is healthy again.”

Akita owner from Nienhagen

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On Sunday, April 7, the animal is said to have suddenly attacked first an Akita dog and then a Shih Tzu at a fenced dog run in Michelweg. The Cane Corso’s owner is said to have left immediately after being attacked by his dog. The owner of the Akita store, Zenji (40), reported the incident to the police. The Nienhagen man has now confirmed to CZ that his medical emergency has been fully paid for. He also explained that posters used to search for Cane Corso owners have been removed. “The most important thing for us is that Zenji is healthy again and apart from a small wound that is slowly healing, we found no permanent damage,” he said.

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