May 21, 2024

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Police have called off the search for 6-year-old Ariane. Sniffer dogs are to follow his footprints again. He is still believed to be missing.

Bremervörde – Lots of clues, but no solid clues. Six-year-old Ariane is still missing. Emergency services and volunteers searched for the boy in Bremerfelde Elm in northern Lower Saxony for a week before the active search was called off without success. In response, experts on missing persons harshly criticized the police. Meanwhile, the six-year-old’s footprints were picked up again by specially trained dogs, including Knut, a Labrador mix.

‘Putting the pieces of the puzzle together’: Sniper dogs continue searching for missing Ariane

The basis of a search is a private order. Twelve sniffer dogs are at work. They belong to a team called K9 Experts. “The operational team specializes in searching for missing persons and operates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland,” the website states.

K-9 search dog Hervé Weser is ready to search for missing Ariane in a residential area.
K-9 search dog Hervé Weser is ready to search for missing Ariane in a residential area. ©Daniel Bockwald/dpa

Sniper dogs were already working with police on the night of the disappearance. This then completely took over. According to reports, the K9 team intervened again on the same day when the active search for Ariane from Bremelfelde Elm was called off. RTL. “We are trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle that we have found,” the team’s operations manager, Alexandra Grunow, told the commercial broadcaster. The team will need to consult closely with the police.

Ariane, a 6-year-old boy from Bremerfelde, is missing.

The autistic child has been missing since Monday night, April 22nd. His father called the police. Investigators believe the boy left the house on his own. He is said to have been wearing only light clothing. The video recorded Ariane’s last signs of life.

Missing Ariane: search conditions for sniffer dogs become more difficult

However, the search situation is not always easy for sniffer dogs. “So many people crossed the road, and then so many dogs ran over it. “So a lot of things happened,” the expert explained.

Sniper dogs are searching for 6-year-old Ariane.
Sniper dogs are searching for 6-year-old Ariane. © Daniel Bockwoldt/DPA/Police Inspector Rothenburg

The goal is to rebuild the trajectory we have taken so far. “We are relatively far away. I think our search will be completed soon,” Grunow said. RTL. How successful it was remains to be seen. (mbr/dpa)

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