May 21, 2024

Quito, Ecuador) – Oh how awful :A dog He was chasing an animal and suddenly he (almost) jumped into thin air. Only the electrical wires could prevent serious injury to our four-legged friend. The fire department had to intervene.

The Ecuadorian dog was lucky to fall into the depths and get caught in an overhead power line. © Image montage: Facebook/Cuerpo de Bomberos del Distrito Metroto de Quito

In this case, that should mean the fire department, your canine friend, and your assistant. One of his animals in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, in particular, may be happy about that.

Because this lively furry friend was so absorbed in chasing small, colorful butterflies on the terrace of her house that she didn’t even realize how close she was to the abyss.

As the local fire department reported with a smile on its Facebook channel, emergency services were alerted to an emergency call from a concerned owner for the dog.

Desperate search: dog kidnapped at Altona station!

Previously, he suddenly jumped into the void during a “hunt”, and perhaps hundreds of guardian angels were with him to prevent him from falling into the depths. Instead, it fell onto an overhead wire, from which he was unable to get off on his own.

There, friends rescued a frightened animal that was said to have gotten stuck in a power line.

But of course rescuers managed to free the family pet and hug him again. Lucky for them.

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