May 18, 2024

rib butt. Six-year-old Portuguese water dog Boots runs and plays excitedly with his handlers in one of the outdoor areas of the Libbesbüttel animal shelter. Andrea Reichstein and Wolfgang Schepers, president and treasurer of the Animal Protection Society of Gifhorn and the surrounding area, are greeted with joy as they enter the area. Does he feel he has good news for them?

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“We have them. The last talks with the municipality went well. The signs are positive that a new building for our animal shelter can be funded,” says Andrea Reichstein happily. say. Finally, we can now take the next step in our new building. Because time is running out. The current property lease expires at the end of 2025 and no longer meets today’s requirements.

Libbesbüttel animal shelter: This facility no longer meets modern requirements. A new building is planned.

But before we look at numbers and plans, let’s take a look at Boots and his animal roommate. For him and the dozen or so other dogs, about 45 cats, about 12 rabbits, two guinea pigs and 15 pigeons who now find a home at the old animal shelter, the new building is actually What does it mean? “If the animals knew about our plans, they would be just as impatient for the new building to be built as the zookeepers and club members. She expects construction to be completed by 2025 at the latest. She is sure.”

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If Boots had not yet been adopted when a new animal shelter opened outside Libbesbüttel, he would have to be moved there. The distance between the new and old locations is less than a kilometer, so the move will be a walk in the park. Current animals will be visible from the new animal shelter. You can also see the current kennel. Boots will then move from his one of these kennels to a new kennel. This is located at the back of the area away from town. That way, Boots can visit his canine friends in person instead of just barking at them like he did in other kennels. “We want to expand our connections with the right dogs,” says Andrea Reichstein. This also helps socialize the animals.

Feeding area planned for semi-feral cats

Another innovation is that the current wooden elements in the kennel are eliminated. “The new room is tiled. This is much more hygienic as everything can be easily hosed down. And eventually there will be a separate hospital for dogs.”Currently, sick animals are kept in care. They are taken care of in rooms and conference rooms. He also has three areas where dogs can roam freely. There are currently three locations, one not completely escape proof and the other in the grounds courtyard.

The cats also got their own homes. “That way we have more space to separate mothers and children, and they can have more peace and quiet,” says Andrea Reichstein. A feeding station for semi-feral cats will also be set up for the first time on the new site. “We take in unadoptable cats and cats that are captured as ferals and cannot be returned home. For capacity reasons, these cats cannot remain in animal shelters.” They are neutered and neutered. It will be abandoned in the future. The club then takes them under control through feeding stations.

Ribbesbüttel Animal Shelter: The holiday home for small animals is too small. In the new location, the small animals will have their own home with several rooms.

Another house is for small animals only. Currently there is a small animal cottage – a wooden garden house. The rabbit has to keep moving to the club’s administration room because there is too little space. The new house will have about 6 rooms. The current wooden villa has only two rooms. “That way we can accommodate more small animals,” says Andrea Reichstein. Because the current volume is higher than before corona.

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The new club headquarters also has more space for people. His fourth house on the site will house an administration office, hygiene room, kitchen and conference room. In the middle of the row of houses, there will also be an area that can be used for events. The new animal shelter will be built on a site approximately 10,000 square meters, twice the area currently in use. The property will cost around 600,000 euros, plus another 100,000 euros for the left-turn lane, which the association will have to build in accordance with district instructions.

The new property: Andrea Reichstein is located on the outskirts of Libbesbüttel in an area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters.

According to the rough draft plans, the new building will also cost €4.3 million. “Following the current consultations with municipalities, we still need to draw up a detailed financial plan and in the autumn the municipalities will enter into budget consultations for 2025.” Andrea Reichstein It is the local authority’s responsibility to ensure that the commitments are kept to ensure that they are taken care of, but otherwise they will have to organize in other ways, which will also be costly. Because the association does a lot of volunteer work, it probably costs more money, Reichstein said. The association cares for animals picked up from collective communities in the cities of Meinelsen, Papenteich, Isenbüttel, Wesendorf, Sassenburg and Gifhorn.


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