May 18, 2024

Communication network – Kaya and Bernard’s love seems to have no end. However, these two are not a human couple. dog and Cat.

Kaya and Bernard’s owner asked his followers: “Is this normal?” considering the love between the two. © TikTok/Kaya and Bernie

A clip from the TikTok channel “kayaandbernie” shows two pets, Kaya and Bernard, cuddling together and inseparable.

Kaya the dog is a Samoyed, a medium-sized Scandinavian dog breed. Bernard is a very young tabby cat.

According to their owners, the deep bond between the two pets was evident from the first day they met. To this day, they remain one in heart and soul and are a popular duo with online audiences.

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Perhaps the fact that both animals grew up together helped them observe and accept each other’s behavior.

Cats in particular are known for preferring to be alone, but Bernard is not and is always by Kaya’s side. Both pets play, sleep and eat together.


Dogs and cats seem to have a deep love for each other

So far, this viral TikTok video, aptly paired with the song “Just the Two of Us,” has garnered over 36,000 likes and over 240 comments.

One user wrote: “They are just each other’s furry friends and protect each other.” Another enthused: “You made my day so much fun.”

A third commenter wrote, “I experienced this myself with a kitten I brought home at 5-6 weeks old. And my Pitbull dog nursed the kitten and the behavior was exactly the same ” reported.

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