May 21, 2024

Serious accident occurred on the A23 in the Steinberg area A 62-year-old man died. The dog also died.

The accident occurred on the A23 between Hohenfelde and Horst at 4.48pm on Saturday, a MOPO police spokesperson said.

A23: Man and dog killed in serious car accident

The 62-year-old driver of the Mercedes C-Class may have suffered a medical emergency while driving towards Hamburg. He then lost control of his car and crashed into a red Fiat 500.

The man died, but it is still unclear whether the cause was a medical emergency or injuries sustained in the accident. His wife (59), who was riding in the passenger seat, and two women in the other vehicle suffered minor injuries.

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they were taken to the hospital. A rescue helicopter was also dispatched. A dog being transported in the Fiat also died in the accident.

Courageous emergency personnel intervene immediately

According to a police statement, two comrades from the specialized fire departments of Hamburg and Hannover were personally at the scene of the accident by car and immediately provided initial treatment. Other road users also assisted by holding up privacy screens.

The A23 was completely closed for nearly three hours due to the operation. The investigation into the accident is ongoing. (L)

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