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It’s not always possible to take your dog for a relaxing walk and enjoy the peace and quiet surroundings. As soon as another dog comes into view, he starts barking.

You can sometimes tell your dog’s mood by the pitch of its bark. Typically, low tones have a threatening meaning, while high tones have a more peaceful effect. © 123RF / Mad Lab Hair

In general, barking is a type of communication between dogs, a language used to express their feelings and desires and exchange opinions with other dogs.

Because dogs often have to be walked on a leash, they often feel their range of movement is restricted and encounters cannot be avoided. In order to maintain a certain distance from fellow dogs, they are sometimes forced to express this by barking loudly.

Moderate barking is completely normal and understandable. However, if it happens frequently, you should find out why.

We will explain the causes of unnecessary barking and how to deal with it. dog guide.


Why is my dog ​​barking at other dogs?

If your dog continues to bark for more than 10-15 minutes, this is already considered a nuisance. Dogs are prohibited from barking for more than 30 minutes a day. © 123RF / Kazantseva

First, it is important to determine the cause of the behavior.

  • Fear and anxiety: If the dog has never had a bad experience with a dog of its own kind, or has never had a bad experience, this can cause fear, which can take the form of barking as a defensive function or defensive behavior. will appear.
  • Aggression: Just like some people, some dogs have a hard time switching off and relaxing. They are actually in a state of high tension and release this pressure when they bark at other members of their species.
  • Defense instinct: In this case, the dog considers other dogs a kind of danger and simply wants to protect his family – the owner.
  • Dominant behavior: If your dog barks at other dogs, he may be trying to intimidate other dogs and emphasize his position of power.
  • Surplus energy: Most dogs want to relieve stress on a regular basis. With a lack of exercise and mental activity, this excess energy quickly builds up and is released while walking other dogs.
  • Lack of sociability: If a dog is trained improperly or incorrectly, the dog simply doesn’t realize that its behavior is wrong. They may bark simply out of joy, to greet their mates or invite them to play. Adolescent dogs, just like humans, want to push their limits.
  • sexual frustration Animals may want to chase away conspecifics of the same sex. In this case, they bark as a signal that they will not tolerate nearby competitors.
  • pain It can also cause your dog to bark unnecessarily.

Barking has completely different meanings depending on the breed, age, training, temperament, and situation of the animal.

My dog ​​barks at other dogs. What should I do now?

It is important for dog owners to remain calm and not panic. © 123RF / Charabala

The good news is that in most cases you can stop your dog from barking at other dogs. However, this requires consistent behavioral training for both dogs and humans.

tip 1: variety

In general, it is recommended to feed your dog as much variety as possible. This also applies to walking the dog. If you can continually explore new routes and solve small tasks in a playful way, your four-legged friend will never get bored. At the same time, they are distracted and do not notice other dogs.

tip 2: show authority

Dogs with dominant behavior need to be shown who is the alpha dog. That is, the dog itself must perceive the owner as an authoritative figure. This occurs, for example, using the clear command. And they follow their owners in a given direction, at their own pace.

tip 3: Profession

Most dogs require regular exercise and exercise to burn off excess energy. Afterwards, keeping them really busy, like throwing sticks or training them on commands, will help reduce barking due to boredom.

tip Four: quiet lead guidance

This indicates that the situation is under control and there is no danger, especially for fearful animals. Its calming effects also have a positive impact on our four-legged friends.

tip Five: confident behavior

If your dog has a strong protective instinct, you need to show him that you are not dependent on protection from other dogs. In this case, the leash should be kept loose and the pace should be maintained.

Basically, you should deal with your pet’s misbehavior as much as possible, and reward good and calm behavior with treats.


Dog Barking at Other Dogs | Photo Dog Barking at Other Dogs Other Tips

1. Tips: If you have repeated all the measures several times without success, you should consider the following: Expert support will be considered. In addition to dog schools with trained trainers, dog therapists and veterinarians are also suitable for this.

2. Tips: To signal other dog owners to “keep your distance,” tie a yellow dog ribbon to your dog’s leash or collar. This symbol does not mean that the dog is aggressive, but rather that it has a desire for space and restraint. For example, this may be the case if the animal is in training, a dog in heat, a sick dog, a shy dog, or an old dog.

Conclusion: There is more than one reason why a dog may bark at another dog. In any case, it will help to carefully observe the pet in each situation, calmly, and above all with patience, come up with possible solutions and train.

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