May 20, 2024

that. After the bite incident near Nienhagen, CZ contacted the Celle district to find out how to deal with aggressive dogs in general. District media spokesperson Tore Harmening responded to CZ’s questions as follows:

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District determines muzzle requirements

Who decides whether a dog is dangerous, meaning whether they have to pay an increased dog tax rate and whether they have to be muzzled in public?

Dog breeding in Lower Saxony is regulated by the NHundG (Lower Saxony Dog Breeding Act). Cities and municipalities are initially responsible for taking care of all dogs that become aggressive and become less visible. If your veterinarian’s office has evidence of increased aggression in your dog, you should check to see if your dog should be considered dangerous. Permits are required if there is a danger. If a veterinary hospital grants you permission to keep a dog, there are various conditions that will be imposed on you, such as having to keep your dog on a leash and muzzle when not on your property. Cities and local governments are responsible for collecting dog taxes.

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We will check the suitability of the individual.

Does the owner of such a dog need to prove that he or she is fit to keep such a dog? If yes, how is this proven and how is it checked?

The credibility of all dog owners with dangerous dogs is examined by testing the individual’s suitability as part of the permitting process. This requires, among other things, the presentation of a police clearance certificate. In addition, dog owners must provide evidence of practical expertise in keeping a dog declared dangerous with a corresponding dog, which must also be submitted to a professional body.

Numbers on personality tests mean nothing.

How many dogs had to undergo personality tests in the Celle area?

As soon as the veterinary office receives an application to keep a dangerous dog, temperament testing of this dog is mandatory as part of the licensing process. No conclusions can be drawn from the numbers as to how many dogs are actually deemed dangerous (dogs surrendered by their owners, dogs confiscated by authorities, dogs brought in that have passed personality tests, etc.). On the other hand, numbers cannot be used to determine the number of steps processed according to NHundG. So it doesn’t make sense here.

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Veterinary office responsible for sanctions

Who will punish owners if they do not muzzle their dogs in public?

In the case of dangerous dogs that are allowed to be kept with a muzzle, any misconduct in this regard will be sanctioned by the Veterinary Authority.

Murder is out of the question here.

Has the harshest sanction for killing aggressive dogs ever been imposed in the Celle district? If so, how often does this happen? If such a dog seriously bites a child or an adult, is it necessarily considered to kill the dog?

According to the Animal Welfare Act, there must be a reasonable excuse to kill a vertebrate. Euthanasia due to dog bite is not a valid reason under the Animal Welfare Act.

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Dog licenses can also be obtained with other dogs.

I heard of an incident in the Celle area where a dog owner obtained the dog license and expertise certificate required in Lower Saxony together with another simple dog. Is that allowed?

If a dog owner is planning to get a dog, we can provide practical proof of the necessary abilities for any dog. The responsibility lies with cities and municipalities. If a dog owner plans to keep a dog that has been declared dangerous, they will need to provide proof of practical expertise with the dogs involved. If practical demonstration of expertise is not performed on the dog in question, the requirements for issuing a permit will not be met.

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