May 20, 2024

Forked River (USA) – After three years, no one wanted this separation. J’adore’s owner, the animal shelter and the dog himself, but there was no other option. That’s why this bitter step hurt everyone so much.

Jadore the dog looks up sadly. © Facebook/Screenshot/Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter

Last week, with heavy hearts, Jadore’s owners took her to the animal shelter where she had adopted the dog in 2021. The atmosphere at Associated Humane Society Popcorn Park (AHS Popcorn Park) in Forked River, New Jersey, was similarly depressing.

Sally Hickman from AHS Popcorn Park said this week: “J’adores, like many animals, appear to have seasonal allergies, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of the outbreak.”

If flare-ups are left untreated, they can cause ear and eye inflammation and infections, itching (…), skin infections, and general malaise, the zookeeper said.

The dog does not have the courage to go to a new home due to fear.Then my heart melts

Unfortunately, this poor furry friend’s owner could no longer pay for many of his medications. Therefore, they were forced to turn to the animal shelter where they previously lived.


AHS Popcorn Park Animal Shelter also shares sad stories about dogs on Facebook

Bitter: Now nine years old, Jadore is locked up in an animal shelter again. © Facebook/Screenshot/Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter

The dog lady, now 9 years old, has to start all over again.

Animal shelter workers affectionately call her “Little Princess,” but of course they know this furry friend is better off growing up in a real home.

“Her ideal home would be one that would allow her to adhere to her veterinarian-prescribed medications and manage her condition indefinitely,” Hickman said.

The authorities retrieved it: who would give Knutschkugel Sky a second chance?

This expensive requirement can make rehoming a relatively elderly four-legged friend even more difficult. That may be why J’adore is so highly regarded by animal shelter officials.

“She is a very friendly and gentle dog and gets along well with dogs, cats and children,” Hickman told US Magazine.

Now everyone at the animal shelter is hoping they can find someone willing to give the female a chance.

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