May 21, 2024

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Kalle the bulldog has many health problems.
Kalle the bulldog has many health problems. © Screenshot Facebook/Tierheim Giessen

Kalle, an English bulldog, comes to Giessen. He suffers from extensive health problems and is awaiting surgery.

Update from Friday, May 3rd at 2:06 p.m.: Kalle, the bulldog, is having trouble breathing and is wheezing to himself. In mid-April, Giessen Animal Shelter first shared the dog’s suffering on Facebook. Now the nurse gave an update.

Kalle is currently being cared for by three loving people, animal shelter officials said in a new video. Wounds in the skin folds are always treated so that they are painless. However, he is clearly not feeling well. The animal shelter was unable to get a first doctor’s appointment until the end of May. They can then introduce Cale to practice, and everyone hopes they can help the English Bulldog in the end.

Until then, the animal shelter continues to encourage the public to share Cale’s story. Since future activities are very costly for animal shelters, anyone who is interested is welcome to sponsor an animal. The Giessen Animal Shelter can be contacted on 0641 / 52251.

‘I really feel bad for this dog’: Every other animal shelter rejects Kalle, Giessen takes pity on him and takes him in

First report Wednesday, April 10, 10:44 a.m.: Pour – Breathing can no longer be called breathing, but rattling is a better word. In his introductory video, English’s bulldog Kalle’s voice can be heard clearly in the background throughout. The 3-year-old dog was eventually taken to the Giessen Animal Shelter, but his breathing problems are so severe that he will likely undergo surgery. So far, other animal shelters have been reluctant to adopt Kalle, but only Giessen Animal Shelter has had the courage to give the cute Lochler a chance, despite being overcrowded. “We feel so bad for the dog that we can’t say no,” animal shelter officials explained in an introductory video on Facebook.

Kalle had to let go of his previous family. There he could not receive the medical care he needed. There were also problems with the children at home. The owner kept Kalle isolated from other members of his family for some time. Animal rights activists have not gone into detail about the story.

Expensive operation: Giessen animal shelter seeks sponsor for Kalle

Breathing problems aren’t the only problems that plague Kalle. He suffers from being overweight, the skin folds characteristic of this breed are inflamed, and he has difficulty walking. In order to nurse Kalle back to health, the animal shelter will first have to invest a large amount of money. The surgery alone, in which the animal shelter hopes to control his clearly audible breathing difficulties, could cost thousands of euros.

As animal rights activists explain on their website, Carre Animal Shelter initially did not want to mediate. First he should receive medical care. To cover costs, the animal shelter relies on the support of animal lovers and is looking for sponsors. Animal shelters can provide information on this subject.

Bulldogs just wheeze: Is overbreeding the problem?

Unfortunately, the Kalle’s health problems are mostly characteristic of the Bulldog breed. The overbreeding of French and English bulldogs has left its mark. “Breeding for extreme brachycephaly causes a complex of traits known as brachycephalic syndrome,” animal rights group Erna Graf Foundation writes on its website. Dogs that exhibit characteristics of brachycephalic syndrome often have difficulty breathing, stamina issues, and are unable to eat well.

Although less obvious, the effects of overbreeding can also be seen in Scottish Fold cats. In this breed, the cartilage tissue has changed over the generations, much like the folding of a cat’s ears. But it’s not just the ears. Breeding genetic defects often affect any joint in the animal. (To tell)

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