May 18, 2024

Jogi is the name of the dog that voters take to polling stations in Berlin to cast their votes. You can vote for your dog here!

Jogi is the name of the dog that voters take to polling stations in Berlin to cast their votes. You can vote for your dog here!imago/Emanuele Contini

It’s getting more and more exciting. The Dog Chancellor 2024 is already in his fourth weekly round and the halfway point is nearing. Three weekly winners have already been selected as candidates for the final round, but it remains to be seen who will ultimately win. Your dog may even be voted the most beautiful fur nose in Germany. You can win great prizes for each weekly vote, and you can also participate in all remaining rounds each week and if you’re lucky, you can win more than once.

There could also be two winners in this weekly round as there are prizes for the top two. Great price for eachi.e. one Fully filled food box and professional dog training. Details regarding the prize can be found in the text below. You have until Wednesday evening, May 8th to enter this round with your dog. You can vote for or against each participating dog until noon on Friday, May 10th.

The 4th Hundeskanzler Weekly Round features professional dog training and delicious treats.

our sponsors doggie dog There is also a full version for the current Hundescanzler round food packaging Packed.

Doggy Dog offers whole food dog food with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Doggy Dog offers whole food dog food with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.doggie dog products are complete wet foods made from fresh meat with salmon oil, green-lipped mussels, and other high-quality ingredients, without GMOs, animal testing, or artificial additives. , which can also be found in our web shop.

Then came the sensation. This week, the winning dogs will once again be able to look forward to an extensive dog training program at Underdogx in Berlin-Altglienicke.

Marcus Binder has been an officially certified dog trainer for 10 years and is also a therapy dog ​​academy specialist, trainer, and instructor.his dog training center underdogs Rather than teaching knowledge according to a formula, it is practical training for solving very specific situations. Depending on your dog’s training level, Underdogx has two options for him. Either an initial consultation or actual dog training (valued at 169 euros) or 1 Package includes 5 hours of training time of 60 minutes each (equivalent to a total of 345 euros).

Here’s how to enter the fourth round of Dog Chancellor. Either enter with your own four-legged friend or simply vote. The fourth round will last until Friday, May 10th, but you must apply by Wednesday night. We’re looking for the kindest, most unique, smartest, or most inspirational – in the broadest sense of the word, the most beautiful four-legged friend.

Photos of your dog’s daily environment, apartment, garden, park, or nature are especially welcome. Studio photos are also allowed, but if you want to win the votes of other voters, communicate as clearly as possible what’s special about your dog. To do this, send together various photos and describe his tricks and tricks.

Once all weekly rounds have been completed, the Dog Chancellor jury will have their say and can also democratically vote on their recommendations at the end. Win great prizes including delicious treats, dog art, training, weekly surprises, and more…

How to participate in the Hundeskanzler campaign


With explicit consent, all owners and close friends who wish to introduce their dog with a photo and description are welcome to participate. The important thing is that That you have the rights to the image submitted – usually it should come from you – and consent to these being published online and, if necessary, in print as part of the Hundeskanzler campaign. Under no circumstances may you post photos of other people’s dogs without their consent. Images found on the internet or generated by AI have no part in this campaign.

You don’t need a dog to vote. Participating dog owners are welcome to encourage their friends, colleagues and family to vote. You can also vote for fun participation and encourage others to campaign.

Here’s how participation works: Vote for Dog Chancellor or get active.

You do not need to register to vote. You can earn up to 5 stars per dog. You don’t have to give each dog a rating, and you can modify the rating later, but you can’t vote more than once. When you vote for a dog, you will be asked for the dog’s name. You can also include things like nicknames.

You can only win if you actively participate in Hundescanzler: You may post individual images or an entire series of images of one dog, but you may not post more than one dog in a single post. Multiple entries of the same breed will not be accepted. The maximum size for each image is 50 MB. Images larger than this cannot be set. Please don’t post videos either. However, you can link to videos on YouTube, Instagram, etc. that feature your dog in the description. Your dog must be clearly identified in all photos. Only one dog can participate per round, so we recommend that you don’t submit photos of more than one dog.

they give away one “Title” must include the dog’s name. If desired, assign a subtitle, such as a short description of your dog.

In the description, enter important information such as age, breed, characteristics, and a description of your dog’s personality and special abilities. The point is not completeness, but making sure voters get as specific an idea as possible about the animal. What skills does your animal have? Does it have a special story or a touching destiny?

We would also like to ask for your contact information. We handle these carefully and only use them within this campaign and to inform you of future Hundeskanzler campaigns. You must agree to the upload terms. If you do not agree, you cannot participate.

What does it mean to be the “most beautiful” dog?

We are looking for dogs to vote. Not only by external beauty, but also by character, special qualities and abilities Enthusiastic. What you can do is personality To describe your four-legged friend, Tips and features Highlight what you think is very special – even clumsiness and imperfection can create beauty – Hundeskanzler 2024 is not a breeding contest, but an event dedicated to diversity and joy . Breeds that have been tortured will be excluded from the selection of canine prime ministers.

Is your relationship with Chancellor Inu going well?

The Hundeskanzler campaign is based on the enjoyment of being present and relies on the fairness of all participants. It is in the nature of competition that one or the other will eagerly look for a way for their dog to win.

The best way to do this is to have other players upvote your dog. You can vote against other dogs, but we expect some mutual respect. Although it cannot be completely ruled out that manipulation attempts occur during such operations, they are ultimately pointless.

because Too bold attempts to manipulate voting results for the benefit of participating dogs will be automatically identified and questionable votes will be removed. Frustration arises when questionable votes must be removed or individual participants must be disqualified for the benefit of all involved. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding why an individual’s vote was excluded. The campaign is not subject to legal recourse.

Having trouble uploading a photo of your dog? We can help!

At Hundeskanzler, we use polling tools from PollUnit. If you have difficulty uploading an image or would like to provide the image and related information directly, please contact us by email at hundeskanzler (at)

Although we do not guarantee that applications submitted in this way will be considered in the vote, we will be happy to assist all mistresses and masters to participate in the campaign to the extent possible. Unfortunately, we cannot consider unilateral submissions by mail. ■

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