May 18, 2024

Local and regional public transport is not intended for people. Animals can also travel by bus or train. But the responsibility for animals lies with their owners, and the Bochum man failed to do just that.

A tragic accident occurred in Bochum on Thursday afternoon (May 2nd). A dog was hit by an S-Bahn. The owner could have prevented the tragic accident. But things get even worse.

Dog hit by train in Bochum

According to a federal police press release, the accident occurred shortly before 3 p.m. The driver of the S3, which was traveling from Bochum to Essen, reported that there were people on the tracks. A man was walking his dog in a glass area between Bochum-Dahlhausen and Essen-Horst. The train was traveling at around 50km/h when it approached the man and his four-legged friend.

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The driver did everything possible to avoid a collision. He sounded the warning whistle and immediately applied the brakes. The stranger evacuated to safety and jumped to the side, but his four-legged friend was hit by the train traveling at around 15km/h. The inmate was not injured.

Owner escapes with four-legged friend

After the S-Bahn stopped, the owner pulled the dog out from under the train. He quickly ran away with his four-legged friend and called out to a railway employee asking to see a veterinarian. The shocked S-Bahn driver simply reacted by taking a photo with his mobile phone of the man driving away.

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The S-Bahn continued to Essen Central Station, arriving about 16 minutes late. No collision marks were found on the train. However, federal police have launched an investigation into the unidentified man on suspicion of dangerous interference. Unless the man is found, it remains unclear what happened to the dog after the accident.

In this connection, the Federal Police would like to once again point out that walking on railway tracks is extremely dangerous. Nowadays, the sound of modern trains is usually heard only when it is already almost too late. Moreover, you can’t avoid them.

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