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Is asparagus healthy or toxic for dogs? ✓Raw asparagus ✓Cooked asparagus ✓White asparagus? ✓Green asparagus? ✓How much can I feed my dog? ► Tips and information at TAG24.

Many people look forward to asparagus season every year. Once the first asparagus is cut, the plate quickly fills up. And there are dog bowls everywhere. Many four-legged friends also like stick vegetables. Our dog guide explains whether asparagus is healthy and can dogs eat asparagus.

Our dog health guide has even more tips and information.

Asparagus is not poisonous to dogs

Asparagus can also end up in your dog's bowl, but it's not without its limitations.

Asparagus can also end up in your dog’s bowl, but it’s not without its limitations. © Montage: Adobe Stock/Alexander Raths/kisscsanad

Yes, dogs can eat asparagus. Generally, it is considered not only harmless, but also healthy for your furry friends. However, this does not apply without restriction.

If your dog likes asparagus, you should first feed him a very small amount and see how he reacts to it. This is because tolerance varies from animal to animal.

If severe flatulence, diarrhea, or even vomiting occurs, you should of course stop administering the rod and seek veterinary attention if necessary.

However, there are basic exceptions, and there are some things to consider when feeding your animals premium seasonal vegetables.

Checklist: How to feed asparagus to your dog

If you want to feed asparagus to your dog, you need to consider these points.

If you want to feed asparagus to your dog, you need to consider these points. © 123RF, TAG24/CB

Use this checklist to see at a glance how asparagus is safe for dogs.
Then you can read all the details and information about exceptions etc.

Can dogs eat raw asparagus?

As a general rule, asparagus is not toxic to dogs, whether fed raw or cooked.

However, it is not recommended to be eaten raw as it contains wood fibers. They may not be easily chewed or digested, which means that if the hard fibers get stuck in the teeth, your dog may choke or cause irritation in the mouth. To do.

Is asparagus healthy for dogs?

Yes, as mentioned above, asparagus is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that support human health as well as canine health, so not only is it okay, but it’s also good for furry dogs. It also makes a healthy snack for friends.

important: Due to its diuretic properties, animals that have eaten asparagus should drink slightly more water than normal.


Diuretic properties are also the reason why dogs with kidney or urinary tract disease should not eat asparagus. In any case, if you have a dog that is sick or suffers from digestive issues or allergies, it’s best to seek veterinary advice before asparagus ends up in the bowl.

Can dogs eat white asparagus?

Yes, there is no problem at all. White asparagus is high in fiber, so be sure to peel it before feeding it to your dog.

Vegetables should also be unseasoned. Although there are herbs and spices that are safe for dogs, spicy foods can make your dog sick. B. Because of stomach cramps.

Can dogs eat green asparagus?

The following also applies to green asparagus. Yes, it is okay to feed your animals 2-3 stalks. Green asparagus is even healthier than white asparagus because it contains more important nutrients.

Green asparagus has a low wood content, so humans can eat it without peeling it, but it’s better for dogs to peel it.

Asparagus is also a nutritious treat for dogs.

Asparagus is also a nutritious treat for dogs. © 123RF/mrwed54

Asparagus must be peeled for dogs

Feed your dog raw as well as cooked white and green asparagus, but only with the skin on.

Remember, dogs have carnivorous teeth with fangs and fangs. They lack molars with flat surfaces that allow them to easily process vegetables.

Therefore, peeling is an important preparation for feeding so that the animal can chew and digest the stick well.

How much asparagus can I feed my dog?

As is often the case, the toxicity depends on the dose. Asparagus is generally a nutritious treat for pets, but it is a diuretic, so even healthy dogs should not be given too much.

Do not eat more than 2-3 pieces a day. A very small dog, preferably just one.

Additionally, as mentioned above, vegetable sticks are rich in dietary fiber. Although it is healthy because it promotes intestinal function, it can also cause abdominal pain and bloating, which can be painful in small dogs. Therefore, less is more.


The important thing is to always peel your dog, don’t feed it to a sick dog, give it more water than usual, and incorporate an extra walk into its daily routine to support the digestion of fiber-rich vegetables. .

Ultimately, you should test first to see if your furry friend actually likes it. Like most children, many dogs turn up their noses when they see asparagus.

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