May 27, 2024

hamburg (ots)

At approximately 12:20 pm on May 1, 2024, a 40-year-old woman presented herself at Hamburg-Altona Federal Police Station and stated that her dog had been stolen.

According to her, she tied “Jamie” in place in front of a discount store and went shopping for a short time. When she left the store, the dog was gone. After searching the Altona station and not finding it, the woman reported the theft to federal police.

The suspect was identified based on video analysis by officers. However, a search was immediately launched, but the man was not initially identified. He had already left Altona station on the S-Bahn with ‘Jamie’.

At around 12:00 pm on May 2, 2024, a 43-year-old man turned himself in at Hamburg-Altona Federal Police Station and said he noticed an injured person looking for his dog. She also saw a man with a dog similar to Jamie near the central bus stop, after which federal police on patrol investigated the 67-year-old German.

It was exactly the dog we were looking for. The dog’s owner was notified by federal police and was overjoyed to receive Jamie.

A theft investigation has been launched against the suspect.

After federal police action was completed, he was released and sent to Altona station.

The Federal Police Investigative Service is conducting further investigation.


Original content: Hamburg Federal Police Inspectorate, sent by news aktuell

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