May 27, 2024

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In Bochum, an S-Bahn ran over a dog whose owner was walking it on the railway tracks. Police therefore urged people to be extra careful.

Bochum – A dog was hit by an S-Bahn on Thursday (2 May) in Bochum (NRW). Federal police are investigating the incident and have issued a clear warning.

A man walks along the railway tracks with his dog in Bochum – the S-Bahn runs over the dog despite applying the brakes.

A train on the S3 line runs on the rails, and there is a black dog on the left side.
In Bochum, an S-Bahn collided with a dog (iconic image/ID-ZRNRW montage). © Kerstin Kokoska/Funke Photo Services/Imago & Wassilis Aswestpoulos/Imago

According to police, the incident occurred Thursday afternoon. At around 2:45 p.m., the driver of the S3 train between Bochum and Essen reported to the federal police that there were people on the tracks. The man was walking his dog in the railway area between Bochum-Dahlhausen and Essen-Horst. Federal police said the S-Bahn was traveling at a speed of about 50 km/h at the time.

When the driver saw the man, he honked his horn and slammed on the brakes of the train. “The unknown man jumped to the side, but his four-legged friend was hit by the train at approximately 15 kilometers per hour,” federal police said in a statement.

S-Bahn hit dog, driver in shock

The dog’s owner is said to have pulled the dog out from under the train after the S-Bahn stopped. “The animal is said to have gone missing after asking a staff member to see a veterinarian,” federal police said in a statement. Railway staff were able to take a photo of the man with a cell phone.

The S-Bahn then continued its journey to Essen Central Station. “The driver was clearly in shock. No signs of a collision were found on the train,” federal police said. According to the current investigation, no passengers were injured due to the sudden braking. Police said the crash delayed S-Bahn trains by 16 minutes.

Federal police searching for unknown dog owner

The unidentified dog’s owner is currently being investigated on suspicion of dangerously interfering with rail traffic. Additionally, federal police warned of the dangers of the rail system. “Railways are not playgrounds! In this connection, the Federal Police once again emphasizes how careless and life-threatening it is to remain in the track area,” the statement said. Nowadays, modern trains are usually too slow and can only be heard if they can’t be avoided. “Deadly dangers arise not only from the train traffic itself, but also from operating systems such as live parts, masts and other infrastructure,” the federal police warned. (jr mit ots)

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