May 18, 2024

The dogs kept escaping from the yard and causing a lot of trouble. They bit people and killed chickens. Police intervened and the dogs were taken to an animal shelter in Lennerdshofen, near Neuburg. But on Wednesday night, the dog’s owner allegedly sneaked back in and illegally took his four-legged friend home. Ingolstadt’s Donaucrier newspaper was the first to report this.

Trespassing, yes – Suspected theft, no

The man is said to have smuggled the dogs out after they were first taken from an animal shelter in Augsburg. Police in Zsmarshausen confirmed to BR today that the animals are no longer at the animal shelter. However, it is unclear who brought her back from her animal shelter. There were no signs of a break-in, and at this point the only “reasonable guess” is that it was the dog’s owner. You can’t steal something you already own, so we can’t talk about theft in the legal sense. We are currently investigating only trespassing.

Investigation is not that easy

Police said it would be impossible to drive to the dog’s owner’s property and secure the dog because that would require a new court order. She is seeking information on whether the animal will reappear in the Dinkelshaben area. So far, there have been two incidents where dogs bit passersby who tried to protect their dogs. And they killed more than a dozen chickens in a fenced enclosure. A video camera on the premises recorded the incident. Chicken owner Monica Mayer was stunned in her interview with BR today, saying she “just doesn’t understand it all anymore.” Many of her local acquaintances have already written to her: “They’re also saying, ‘None of this is true.'”

Animal shelter director: “That act was really brazen”

The director of the Lennartshofen animal shelter is an expert on problem dogs. In his opinion, stray dogs made from spelled pieces are poorly socialized. “They have very little attachment to people, are somewhat aggressive, and have the impression that they haven’t been bred very well.” , I don’t understand why the owner really wants the dog back.” Animal rights activists say it’s “cheeky” to simply remove animals from animal shelters. He suspects the alleged perpetrator must have had at least one associate.

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