May 21, 2024

Eilenburg – Ella the dog at the animal shelter Eilenburg I stand firmly on three legs in life. All she lacks now is her patient and loving family with whom she will spend the rest of her life.

Although her left front leg is missing, her gills are doing well. © Instagram/Eilenburg Animal Shelter

The 7-year-old dog has been living at the facility for about a year since being adopted, the Eilenburg animal shelter said in a statement. Besides her adorable dachshund appearance and sassy, ​​curved tail, the most notable thing is her missing left front leg.

An animal protection organization said, “This mongrel dog only has three legs left, but they get along very well.”

If you want to get to know Ella, you’ll need a lot of patience. Currently, this dog is said to be reserved, anxious, and doesn’t like to be touched much. But little by little, she began to visibly loosen her heart and show trust to her acquaintances.

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“That’s why it’s important for her to make sure that interested people have time to come to the animal shelter several times a week to gain trust and get to know Ella before she goes home. , it will take some time,” she says. She revealed the Eilenburg facility.

Embarrassed look: Ella requires a little patience. © Eilenburg Animal Shelter

Mongrel dogs are comfortable in an apartment, and, of course, in a house with a garden. Children should not be present as they may feel anxious.

“We really hope people find a home for this beautiful dog, even if it means winning her heart first,” the Eilenbergers said.

Gills are dewormed, vaccinated and chipped. If you are seriously interested in her, please contact Eilenburg Animal Shelter using the contact form.

The dog does not have the courage to go to a new home due to fear.Then my heart melts

Even by email or by phone 03423758928 You can learn more about Inu Musume.

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