May 18, 2024

Billings (USA) – He screamed and cried, but she couldn’t see him anywhere. Cassidy Zimmerman, 22, went crazy last week when she couldn’t find her dog Bodhi. He was playing in the garden with his best friend’s dog Zoe when he suddenly disappeared.

Cassidy Zimmerman (22) and her dog Bodhi are one in heart and soul. But suddenly, the American couldn’t see him anymore – until she looked up. ©Image montage: TikTok/Screenshot/cassthegray

A veterinarian assistant from Billings, Montana, was especially concerned because she could hear her four-legged friend crying all the time, but she couldn’t see him.

Mr. Zimmerman feared that he had fled the property and was injured, or that he had been hit by a car minutes earlier.

But then the panicked American luckily looked up and saw a completely bemused look in Bodie’s eyes. At first she stopped spitting on her.

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A male dog was watching her from the roof of the house.

“Oh, here I am.” Bodi, the male, looks down on his owner. ©TikTok/Screenshot/castegray

“Bodie was staring at me and crying. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My brain was thinking, ‘Why? Why? What?'” Zimmerman told News this week. told The Week.

She might actually be able to figure out how the one-year-old dog managed to climb onto the roof of the house. At some point, this almost reaches the ground so the body can use it as a kind of ramp.

The problem is that after that he didn’t have the courage to come down from there. That’s why he whined so much. Additionally, it was raining heavily. So the owner finally climbed onto the roof and lowered his furry friend there.

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Did he at least learn from his mistakes? no! After a while, the owner said, he climbed up there again. But this time she didn’t help him. Bodie finally found a way to get back on his feet, Zimmerman explained to US Magazine.

By the way, all the excitement so far was wasted.The owner had videotaped the incident last week. tick tock It was published and has now been clicked over 5.5 million times.

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