May 18, 2024

It could have been worse!

What a shocking moment for the whole family. A mountain lion suddenly attacked his dog in his garden in the middle of the day on Saturday. The 4-year-old Great Dane suffered serious injuries and she was immediately taken to the clinic. Her owner Linda Chimail wants to put Millie to sleep first, but her granddaughter may change her mind…

Owner of dog attacked by cougar says it could have been a child

A cougar likely jumped a tree and viciously attacked a Great Dane in a garden in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. The owners never expected a predator to appear in the middle of the city. There was no warning. “Fortunately in this case it was a dog, but it could have been much worse,” Linda Chimail said in an interview with CNN. “It could have been a child in Saturday’s attack.” “People always need to be aware that there may be dangers that no one is thinking about.”

Millie required surgery after being attacked by a cougar.Millie required surgery after being attacked by a cougar.

A Great Dane named Millie was seriously injured in a cougar attack.


Millie suffered severe injuries all over her body in the attack. Deep wounds are spreading everywhere. With a brace on his neck and a large bandage, the Great Dane is on the road to recovery. The dog belongs to Linda’s granddaughter. “Her father bought it for her when she was little, when she was three years old,” said her concerned owner.

Millie is on the road to recovery.Millie is on the road to recovery.

A Great Dane who was involved in a horrific accident with a cougar on Saturday is making an amazing recovery.


First, a 4-year-old dog had to be euthanized. “As we were about to sign her papers, her granddaughter said, “We don’t want Millie to die.” So her family decided to take out a loan to cover Millie’s expensive surgery. .”

Fortunately, Millie is rapidly recovering after a life-saving procedure. Linda and her husband now want to remove the trees in their yard to prevent further incidents with cougars. (gsc)

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