May 27, 2024

Couples who want to get married, who keep pets and treat them like their own children, often want their “fluffy” offspring to participate in the ceremony as well. That’s what happened with Christy Biro and Eric Guidice. The couple married in August 2022 in Colorado, USA. It was supposed to be a big celebration with family and friends – and her dog CeCe was sure to be there no matter what.of livestock It also played a special role in the ceremony. More information can be found here.

Dog Cece stamps her owner’s wedding documents

Colorado is called self-marriage give. It is a legal act of marriage by agreement between two people, without the need for the signature or supervision of a third-party official or judge.

What’s it like in Germany?

Unfortunately, just like in the United States, you cannot get married in this country without the involvement of a registrar. German law provides for civil marriage as a mandatory requirement for a legally valid marriage.

There is also no general answer as to whether dogs are allowed at German weddings. It depends on each registry office and priest whether animals are allowed at the wedding. Some offices and priests allow dogs if they are well trained and do not interfere with the ritual. others may reject it.

Sissy the dog agrees to marry Footprint

The couple still had a marriage certificate signed by their beloved creature. Golden Retriever female Sissy was allowed to have her own paw inked on her certificate. Photographer Felicia Renae captured this moment and created a beautiful video.

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Cece’s approval was required for the wedding.

The couple always wanted their dog to be involved in their special day. “Our wedding was a combination of three of our favorite themes: our closest friends and family, our dog CeCe, and the mountains,” Christie told People magazine about their beautiful wedding celebration. .

As for Cece’s role in the celebration, after the bride and groom moved in, she ran to the altar so that the dog could be near the owner. She then stayed with her groomsmen during the ceremony.

And now the couple has a marriage certificate with that sweet footprint that everyone will remember forever.

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Reaction to Cece’s special job at the wedding

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“Don’t let fame get the better of you, Cece,” one woman commented on proud dog mom Kristi’s Instagram post. “She is having so much fun,” her mother dog wrote.

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