May 18, 2024

Ronnenberg. Starting April 1st, dogs must be kept on a leash. This is the period during which many animals are bred, bred, and kept. Therefore, everyone is obliged to keep their dogs on a lead in accordance with their supervision in the field. This applies, for example, on and in woodlands, field paths, meadows, bodies of water and associated paths, such as the local recreation area of ​​Bensar Berg. This rule is valid until his July 15th. The City of Ronnenberg has once again pointed out this point, citing an increase in the number of violations.

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“Recently, we have received a lot of information from the public. Many dog ​​owners do not care about this, especially in the Venterberg area. There have also been incidents in the Ifme Roloven scenic area,” said the Municipality of Ronnenberg. Frauke Roland from the public security team reports.

Possible fine of up to 5000 euros

The obligation to keep your four-legged friend on a leash within a defined area has meaning and is inherent in nature. The measure aims to protect wildlife such as newborn fawns and ground-nesting birds from stray and feral dogs. The obligation to keep dogs on a leash is laid down in Article 33(1) of the Lower Saxony Forest Law (NWaldLG). According to the law, it is a misdemeanor to let a dog run loose in a field without a leash. This can result in a fine of up to 5,000 euros.

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In practice, it doesn’t work that quickly, but still, “Once we have concrete information, we’ll follow it up and write a letter to the owner,” Rohland says. Usually the people in the village know each other, so sometimes the administration is given a name. And because all dog owners are registered with City Hall, “we can point out illegal activity and issue warnings,” Roland explains. But when it comes to imposing fines, it’s on a different level. “We need hard evidence,” she says. As a rule, it starts from 50 euros.

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And this sentence has already been imposed in the past. “Of course, this requires a lot of effort. First of all, we need to listen to the opinion of the owners,” he explains Rohland. This means the procedure is the same as for a driver flashed for speeding. You will have approximately two weeks to respond to the accusation. “Most of the time people don’t come forward, but it shows that they have some kind of debt. Otherwise, they will answer right away and claim their innocence.” Roland says. Administrative offenses will come into effect in two weeks.

Most dog owners comply with leash requirements

Important things that public safety team personnel should emphasize are: “Most dog owners comply with the leash requirements. But there are always black sheep. According to her information, farmers in particular are very careful to comply with the rules.” Roland said. It is said that in recent years, information from the public based on the “snitch principle” has been increasing. “This number has increased significantly since corona started,” she says. The pandemic was also a time when people wanted to get out into nature. That’s why “it’s best to keep dogs on a leash from April 1st to July 15th,” especially in Benserburg, where many dogs travel with their owners and women, Roland said.


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