May 20, 2024

In the “Dog Chancellor” campaign, KURIER is searching for Germany’s most beautiful dogs. Because we love dogs. A love of dogs is also very important to our editorial team. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of our editor’s animal companions. Today we have cheeky Billy (3).

We’re in the idyllic Köpenick garden, in the courtyard of the house where nine-year-old Ruby lives with her furry friend Billy. Before sitting down on the grass for the interview, the two must first let off steam. Ruby had just come back from her school and Billy had been saving energy for her all day. Now the hustle begins! The camera clicks at full speed and the dog appears to be flying in front of the camera lens. Billy challenges Ruby and sees her and grabs the ball.

Puppies Billy and Ruby are best friends

Now everything happens very quickly – Ruby tries to steal the ball from him. They chase a big trampoline. every round.Mama Dajana, the most delicious person recipe He wrote it down for KURIER and looked at it, the corners of his mouth twitching. There’s nothing I can do. Billy Ruby’s joy is contagious.

At some point, the pace slows and the two join together. An interview with the owner of a 9-year-old dog begins. He is cocky but obedient. He’s playful, yet he’s also cute. Sometimes he’s quiet, but sometimes he’s wild. Ruby lists hundreds of characteristics of this four-legged friend of his. She knows him inside and out. “He can even spit out food on command! Well, let’s ask the dog to imitate it!”

Billy’s mother dog found in Greece – pregnant, chained and abandoned

When asked if Billy would make a good guard dog, the young dog’s owner laughed and replied: Ruby explains that his adorable behavior will probably encourage the robbers and will be good for them. However, she does not begrudge him this helplessness. “He can do all the other things very well, like high-fiving.”

Then Ruby’s face turned serious. Billy’s mother is found chained in Greece and thrown onto the street by strangers. Rescuers discovered the dog was pregnant with five puppies. One of the younger ones was Billy, who later crawled onto Ruby’s lap at the Aschaffenburg Animal Rescue Club and chose Ruby to lick him all over his face. Sparks immediately flew between the two. “He’s like my brother. I can’t imagine without him,” Ruby says. Billy is now tired of him sitting around trying to steal the microphone. It’s time for a walk.

Go to the lush forests of Köpenick. Ruby looks for a fallen tree. Because when Billy jumps, his big ears fly away. And if something should be published in the newspaper, it should be dog-eared. Dog and Ruby are tireless, playing, jumping and running up and down. One thing is for sure: everything is great when Ruby and Billy are together.

Is there a future dog chancellor at home?

Billy has no chance of earning the title of “Dog Chancellor.” Here’s why: Our editorial dogs are not allowed to take part in the election of Germany’s most beautiful dog – so says the Terms of Use. Every week, dog fans across Germany have the chance to vote for the weekly winner. In the summer, the 2024 Dog Chancellor will be chosen from among all weekly winners and several dogs selected by the judges. Participating dogs and their owners will win great prizes! So run for Prime Minister and, like Billy, keep your ears open until you vote. ■

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