May 18, 2024

“No Way Back” won’t be released until next week, but Kristi Noem is already making headlines around the world with her autobiography. In the book, which aims to present the South Dakota governor as an uncompromising enforcer, the 52-year-old Republican also describes how he took his 13-month-old dog into a gravel pit where he shot him with a pistol. Says.

Originally she wanted to train “Cricket” for pheasant hunting, Noem writes in one chapter. But the dog was too impulsive for that, so I scared him out of the game. Shortly after, she did the same thing to a “mean and spiteful” goat who always chased the children. However, she did not die immediately, so the Governor had to dock her a second time.

The shot could have backfired anyway for Noem, who had long been considered a running mate for Donald Trump. This is because what remains as an anecdote about the gravel pits in this country’s kitchens is not necessarily the willingness of politicians to make “ugly” decisions. Americans, who love their dogs more than anything else, recognized Noem’s use of a gun as a callous and cruel act.

The storm of outrage that has greeted Noem since then now cuts across party lines. Not only did many prominent Republicans oppose her, but Trump himself was said to be “furious” over the dog’s shooting. Noem is seen as a right-wing hardliner on many other issues, but she has no objections to this. The governor recently reiterated on Fox News that “cricket” was “extremely dangerous” and that her decision was not easy for her.

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