May 18, 2024

Malinois Lexi ended up at an animal shelter in Duisburg over a year ago. He was only one year old at the time. Caregivers quickly noticed that the handsome man was not only very active, but also very eager to learn. Rexi quickly learned basic commands and asked more and more of her employees.

However, life in an animal shelter is similar, as caretakers have to care for many animals every day and cannot always meet the high demands of a dog like Lexi. We needed to find a suitable home for our furry friend as soon as possible.

Animal protection dog adopted

Unfortunately, no one seemed interested in Malinois at first. Month after month, Lexi sat in her kennel, waiting in vain until she was finally adopted. Our furry friend had to live like this in an animal shelter for an entire year until a visitor finally came to pick him up a few weeks ago. Zookeepers reported on Facebook that two new people suddenly stood in front of the fence and looked at him with curious eyes.

Lexi quickly became excited and jumped at the kennel with all her might, knocking the person involved into the fence. Fortunately, it didn’t bother her at all. During the first round of testing, the Malinois quickly realized that there were clear rules for interested parties to deal with him. Lexie was suddenly not allowed to pull on her leash, bark at other dogs, or jump on people.

Lexi will soon be a rescue dog

There was a treat as a reward for his discipline, and Lexi quickly learned how she was supposed to behave. He also showed his best side during further walks with two interested parties and was soon actually adopted. But he had no doubts about what awaited him next. His new owner works at Maltese in Oberhausen and trains his furry friends as rescue dogs.

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Rexi has proven herself to be a worthy candidate and is now able to enjoy her training. He ultimately has a lot of work to do, important tasks to complete, and a lot of attention and training. Things couldn’t have gone any better for the active and intelligent Malinois. He soon plans to go on a rescue mission with his new owner and test his skills.

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