May 21, 2024

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Love Furry Friends animal rights activists work in Ukraine to rescue stray dogs from war zones. Two puppies melted her heart.

Animal rights activists work every day in the battlegrounds of Ukraine, rescuing stray dogs who can no longer be cared for. The war left many animals homeless because their owners had to evacuate and were unable to take them with them.

Two puppies rescued: Animal rights activists rejoice

Love Furry Friends video YouTube The photo released shows a woman on a mission. She received information through social media that two puppies had been seen on the street, but it was too dangerous for them. Without hesitation, she headed towards the village. But even experienced animal rights activists were overjoyed at the rescue. The rescue of the dog Gera, who gave birth to 13 puppies shortly thereafter, was also very special.

Instead of running away, the two stray dogs happily greeted their rescuers, flopping down with their backs parallel to each other and inviting him to rub their bellies. A moving moment amidst the suffering of the many animals that animal rights activists encounter every day. The animal lover couldn’t stop scratching the two dogs, who were all smiles from ear to ear. “No cute dog like this should be homeless,” says the video from Love Furry Friends Rescue Channel. Youtube. Unlike many stray dogs, the puppies were not suspicious at all. Quite the opposite, they were happily placed in the shipping box. Learn more about what to consider when transporting your dog.

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Dog behavior: correctly interpreting body language

However, you should first be wary of strange dogs. Dog experts are good at determining whether a dog wants to be petted. Just because your dog sleeps on his back doesn’t necessarily mean you want him to scratch you. Depending on the situation, it may also express fear or anxiety. It’s up to humans to correctly interpret a dog’s body language and appreciate the nuances of facial expressions and gestures. for example:

  • Are your dog’s muscles relaxed or tense?
  • Are your legs and feet feeling loose or pressed against your body?
  • Is the rod relaxed or tight?
  • Are your ears erect or are you sleeping?
  • Are the corners of the mouth relaxed, or are the dog’s lips pulled up? At the latest, when a dog is about to squeak, it means for humans to “let go!”

Mission in Ukraine: Happy Ending for Bella and Moka

A better life has begun for the two puppies, named Bella and Moka. After a long bath, the dog was given a checkup by the veterinarian. One of the two dogs was diagnosed with a skin disease and is currently undergoing treatment. Otherwise healthy. After vaccinations, deworming, and flea treatment, they were given new collars, dog beds, and toys, allowing them to safely recover from the ordeal of their first few months of life. After a while, they were running wild on the lawn of the animal shelter, playing and enjoying the sun. Bella and Moka are ready to live with a real family. By the way, they still like to lie on their backs and have their bellies scratched.

YouTube comment: “It’s a tough job!”

Video has a community YouTube I was very impressed. It has been viewed over 500,000 times and received over 30,000 likes. Users express their feelings in her over 2,000 comments. Here’s a small selection:

  • “They cannot be separated… They can exist only in pairs… They need each other.”
  • “They’re cute!”
  • “Everyone please donate to support animal rescuers! It’s a tough job!”
  • “Thank you for saving these cute animals! They deserve a good home!”

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