May 18, 2024

João Fantazzini lives near São Paulo, Brazil. A few days ago, he wanted to fly from there to Sinop with his five-year-old golden retriever Jaco. The domestic flight time was only two and a half hours.

Joanne clarified the trip with her veterinarian in advance, as her dog Jaco had to accompany her. The owner had his furry friend undergo a health check and received written confirmation that Jaco was fit enough for a short flight.

Airlines put dogs on the wrong plane

On the day of departure, Joanne finally had to hand over her men at the airline counter and say goodbye. The furry friend was supposed to be taken to Sinop on another plane. When Joan arrived at his destination a few hours later, he wanted to pick up the dog as soon as possible. However, employees said Jaco was accidentally loaded onto the wrong plane, Yahoo reported.

The golden retriever flew for three and a half hours to Fortaleza, Brazil. Local ground staff realized the mistake and left Jaco in a transport box on the tarmac for 90 minutes before taking him back to São Paulo on another plane. When his owner, Jaco, learned of this, he immediately boarded a plane and returned home.

Golden retriever died in shipping box

Upon arrival, an airline employee finally confessed that the golden retriever was not feeling well after the long journey. When Joanne went to pick up his dog, she found it dead in the shipping box. Instead of the planned two and a half hours, our furry friends spent over eight hours traveling. Those 90 minutes spent on the hot pavement of Fortaleza were probably a death sentence for him.

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The temperature that day was 36 degrees, and initial findings indicate that ground staff did not give the golden retriever any water while she waited. An autopsy determined that Jaco died of cardiac arrest. Owner Joan now wants to take legal action against the airline. He blames the airline for his furry friend’s death.

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