May 20, 2024

His fate touches animal lovers across North Rhine-Westphalia. Rudy the dog was abandoned on the A1 in Ascheberg (NRW) on April 23rd, only to be tied to a guardrail on the highway towards Bremen.You can check here >> In what terrible condition our four-legged friend was found

A poor dog came to the Ludinghausen Friends of the Animals Society. Since then, staff at the NRW animal shelter have been caring for the abandoned male Yorkshire terrier. His condition has an incredible impact on animal lovers.

Dog abandoned in North Rhine-Westphalia’s A1: ‘He has been through a lot’

“Rudy’s broken canine heart now needs a lot of love, good experience and extensive treatment,” Animal Friends of Rudinghausen said after the furry friend was found on the NRW motorway. I summarized it after a week. It is noteworthy that he has been through a lot. Good news: Rudy clearly hasn’t lost his will to live.

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However, the terrible experience on the highway had obvious consequences. “The only thing that matters to Rudy at the moment is not to be alone, which is understandable since his owners just left him heartless.” “It breaks your heart. I hope he gets through it and goes to a loving home,” says the shocked animal lover.

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NRW animal shelter asks for help

Luckily, Rudy’s foster home has not only humans but also animals living with him.

Rudy can’t stand being alone right now. photograph: Animal lovers Lüdinghausen

Now everyone is hoping this poor dog recovers quickly. To fund treatment, the NRW Animal Shelter continues to collect donations (click here for donation portal).

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Animal lovers in Rudinghausen are also looking for clues to find Rudy’s owner who abandoned him. Do you recognize the dog or did you see something? Then please contact us on 02598-9292532 or email Big rewards are now available. Click here for details >>>

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