May 18, 2024

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Does your dog eat anything between his teeth? You’re not alone. In the case of strawberries, at least in most cases, it can be completely cleared.

Many dogs are true omnivores. They will quickly eat anything they don’t pick up from the ground. In some cases, this can be dangerous. Cocoa contains a substance called theobromine, which can cause poisoning in dogs. That’s because dogs break down theobromine much worse than humans. The lethal dose will be correspondingly lower. For small dogs weighing up to 5 kg, just one third of a dark chocolate bar can be fatal.

Many dog ​​owners are concerned about fruit in their pet’s paws. Strawberries are very popular with some four-legged friends. What is healthy for humans cannot be harmful to dogs either.

Strawberries can cause digestive problems and allergies

In fact, while strawberries are fine for dogs, some animals just don’t take them very well. Eating too many strawberries can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. It’s best to test how well your dog tolerates the fruit by giving only small amounts at first. The risk of allergic reactions can also be assessed in this way. It is rare for dogs to be allergic to fruit, but the possibility cannot be ruled a portal Further information shows that symptoms such as inflammation of the oral mucosa, red and swollen tongue, and increased saliva secretion are typical symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Corgi approaches strawberry
Some dogs love strawberries. But unlimited fun comes with risks. © Lana Clay/Imago

Did your loved one feel better after eating a small amount of strawberries? In that case, there is no problem with a slightly larger amount. There is no rule of thumb for how many strawberries a dog can eat each day. However, one piece of advice is to classify strawberries as a treat and not give them too often. For example, a few strawberries is fine if your dog tolerates them well.’s new WhatsApp channel is here!

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Prefer ripe organic strawberries

If your dog loves strawberries, you need to follow some preparation rules.

  • It is best to choose organic quality, as pesticide contamination is much lower than conventional strawberries.
  • Wild strawberries should be washed especially well to minimize the risk of tapeworm infection.
  • Feed only ripe fruit. Green spots indicate that the strawberries are not ready to eat yet.

Why do dogs sometimes eat strawberries?

Fruit provides your dog with valuable vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, folate, potassium, and magnesium. Secondary plant substances such as fiber and antioxidants also help keep animals healthy.

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