May 20, 2024

in the heat Dog Cooldown: How to help your four-legged friend on a hot day

Cool down quickly in the dog pool: the ideal solution for all water-loving dogs.

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Dogs need support from their owners to stay cool during the summer. This is because they quickly succumb to the heat. Help your pet survive the hot summer with these 6 refreshing ideas

While many people are happy with bright blue skies and a blazing sun, dogs have a completely different mood. For some four-legged friends, even temperatures above 20 degrees are too hot. They lie on the ground, unmotivated, and begin panting after a few meters of walking. Unlike us, dogs don’t have many sweat glands, so they use their panting to regulate their body temperature. When the thermometer reaches close to 30 degrees, your dog’s tongue can no longer tolerate the heat. Need to cool down.

1. Dog pool for swimming

Does your dog like splashing in water? Then he will be happy with his dog pool.Some models are foldable affiliate linkin various sizes For both small and large dogs. The children’s pool is ready for use. No need to pump, just unfold and fill with water. Collapsible dog pools are also durable. Unlike inflatable paddling pools, it can withstand dog claws without damage.

For even more fun in your dog pool, you can also throw treats in the water for your dog to find.Or you can lure the dog affiliate linkfloating toys Practice getting into the pool and retrieving it from the pool. This way, you can get your dog used to the wading pool, even if he’s still a little skeptical. Don’t lift him up against his will. Cooling down in the pool should always be done voluntarily.

2. Homemade dog ice cream

On hot days, delicious dog ice cream is a quick and easy way to pamper your four-legged friend. You can make your own ice cream for dogs by adding different ingredients. affiliate linkice foam Add this and freeze to create ice cream for dogs. Make sure the ingredients are easy for your dog to digest. For example, ordinary ice cream is unacceptable. You can make ice cream for dogs from natural yogurt, quark and wet food.You can find easy recipes here.

Important: Dogs must be trained to be patient. A dog’s stomach cannot tolerate large amounts of ice-cold food. So let me lick the ice cream. But please don’t bite. To do this, give it to the dog. First, he licks it. Remove the cold treat as soon as he tries to bite it. Wait a moment before inviting him to take another lick of the ice cream. Continue until your dog understands that licking means yes, biting means no.

3. Water hose: friend or foe?

That also applies to garden hoses. Some dogs love the coolness, while others prefer to avoid scary hoses. Here, hard work is more important than studying. Bring the hose close to the ground to release water. Call your dog over and see if he shows interest in the water jet on his own.

Our tip: in one affiliate linkhand showerYou can choose from different spray patterns to apply more pressure to the water jet. Some four-legged friends are obsessed with chasing water jets and “biting” them over and over again. Some people are happy with a gentle shower. Or, at best, some people put up with it. Instead of pouring water over your dog, carefully wash your dog’s feet and legs first. If you are concerned, dampen your palm with water and gently rub the fur.

4. Stand up paddling with Hund

Shared experiences strengthen bonds. Therefore, it is good for owners to get creative from time to time and try something new. For example, go stand-up paddling with your dog.Many dogs quickly become addicted to this affiliate linkSUP board Have fun gliding across the water or jumping off your board into the cool water. For long excursions over large bodies of water, you should bring your dog with you for safety. affiliate linklife jacket Equip. This not only supports your dog while swimming, but also makes it easier to get him back on the board.

Stand-up paddling on the water: cool down and explore at the same time

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First of all, you need to practice sitting near the bank.put it down affiliate linkSUP board Enter the water on the shore, relax and sit on the water. Next, invite your dog towards you. It is important that the dog makes its own decisions and participates with its owner. It’s not just about lifting him up. If you notice that your four-legged friend isn’t interested or scared of her SUP board, don’t force her to do so. You may need to practice on land first. Place the SUP on the ground and give your dog time to get used to it.

If you’re looking for your own SUP board, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our SUP board test. We tested different models that are also suitable for beginners. We will also introduce practical gadgets for SUP boards.

5. Cooling mat: use with caution

affiliate linkcooling mat for dogs We guarantee it will cool down quickly. There are also self-cooling mats filled with special gels. When your dog lies on it, the gel compresses and cools. However, please be careful. Reportedly, the cooling effect only lasts until the gel expands again (for example, if the dog moves). Then the opposite effect occurs. That is, the gel is heated. Such mats should only be used for cooling down if the dog has free choice and is allowed to get up at any time. These are not very suitable as a permanent base for a basket in the car or a transport box.

6. Space cooler for apartments

Sometimes it’s too hot inside the apartment. A room cooler will please dogs and humans at the same time. When purchasing, you need to look carefully. There are many small models available. affiliate linkchill at your desk appropriate.You have it so your dog can get something out of it too affiliate linkmobile air conditioner Better advice. Larger devices heat the room more evenly. In this guide we will show you how to cool your apartment without using technical devices.

Cooling vests and cooling collars should be avoided

So-called cooling vests and cooling collars for dogs are also popular. However, dog owners should avoid this. It is doubtful whether your dog will find such a cool down pleasant. Plus, you can’t decide when you’re bored.

It is also interesting for masters and mistresses.

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