May 21, 2024

a Vacation with your dog on the Baltic Sea In addition to offering the possibility picturesque coastal scenery Don’t just explore, you can also share adventure and relaxation for humans and animals.even if it’s you long walk morning strand To the company through scent forest Hiking and in charming towns and villages Strolling around Want to – The Baltic Sea has something to discover for every taste.

The best offers for a holiday on the Baltic Sea with your dog

Beach Motel Heiligenhafen with wellness area from 48.50 euros per night

There is an additional charge of 20 euros per night for dogs

2 nights in Intermar – Hotel & Apartments Glucksburg from 89 euros

Pay 10 euros per night for your four-legged friend // Rich breakfast daily // 2-course dinner // Directly on the beach

2 nights at SlowDown Travemünde from 150 euros

Dogs: 20 euros per night // Rich breakfast buffet // Private kitchenette in the room // Access to the wellness area


The most beautiful regions of the Baltic Sea with your dog

The Baltic Sea coast has many beautiful regions perfect for holidays with your dog. Here are some popular areas.

1. To reprimand: Rügen, Germany’s largest island, is a great destination for dog owners. There are many dog ​​beaches on the island, including Binz, Sellin, and Gehlen. There are also plenty of hiking trails and natural areas to walk your dog. Our hotel recommendations: Four* Precise Resort Rügen & SPLASH Adventure World

2. Frequency of use: Another Baltic Sea island, Usedom is known for its wide sandy beaches and beaches perfect for long walks with your dog. Usedom is less crowded, especially in spring and autumn. Our hotel recommendations: 4* Kaiser Spa Hotel zur Post

3. Dalce-Zingst: The Fishland-Dals-Zingst peninsula offers a unique landscape of forests, dunes and beaches. There are several dog beaches and a number of nature trails perfect for walks with your four-legged friend. Our apartment recommendations: Holiday Apartments Boddenfischer

4. Hovacht Bay: Howachter Bay, located in the Bay of Kiel, offers many opportunities for dog owners. There’s a dog-only beach and a beautiful coastal path to explore with your dog.

5.Schlei region: Schlei is a picturesque Baltic fjord between Schleswig and Kappeln. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking along the water with your dog. Our hotel recommendations: Schlei Hotel

These regions not only offer beautiful beaches and landscapes, but also excellent infrastructure for travelers with dogs, including dog-friendly lodging and restaurants. However, we always recommend checking the specific regulations and restrictions regarding dogs at beaches and natural areas before traveling.

With its wide sandy beaches, the Baltic Sea island of Usedom is perfect for a walk with your favorite four-legged friend

dog beach on the baltic sea

inside Ostsee There is some dog beaches, Perfect for traveling with your four-legged friend. Here are some popular dog beaches on the Baltic Sea.

1. Beach of Prelo in Dulce: The beach of Prerou on the Dals Peninsula is known for its size and cleanliness. There is a designated area where dogs can run freely.

2. Greymitz Beach: There is a dog beach on the Leinster Strand in Greymitz and dogs are welcome all year round. The beach section is fully equipped and provides a comfortable environment for your dog.

3. Warnemunde Beach: Warnemünde, near Rostock, also has a dog beach where dogs can run free and play in the water.

4. Laboe Beach: Laboe’s Dog Beach offers the perfect opportunity for your dog to splash and frolic in the ocean.

5. Kuehlungsborn Beach: Kuehlungsborn also has a special dog beach that is fully equipped and provides plenty of play space for dogs.

Please note that the exact regulations regarding dog beach use may vary by location. We always recommend checking the latest information on local regulations beforehand to ensure you and your dog have a great day at the beach.

Take a walk, swim, or play on the beach

Which season is best to travel to the Baltic Sea with your dog?

The best seasons to travel to the Baltic Sea with your dog are spring and autumn. Here’s why:

First spring (March to May):

-The weather is becoming milder, but still not too hot for dogs.

-Nature has awakened and there are many beautiful flowers and green landscapes.

– Beaches are often not crowded, so your dog has plenty of space to play and run around.

2. Autumn (September to October):

– The climate is not as hot as in summer, and is cool and comfortable.

– The peak tourist season is coming to an end and the beaches will be less crowded.

– Autumn landscapes on the Baltic Sea are often very picturesque with colorful foliage and a peaceful atmosphere.

Among these season In many cases you can also do this from cheap price for hotel It’s no longer high season, which is an advantage. However, it is important to note the following: baltic sea in winter It can be very cold and is not necessarily the best place for a beach vacation with your dog. However, if your dog likes the cold and enjoys quiet walks on the beach, winter may be an option for you.

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