May 18, 2024

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Peta, an animal protection organization, responded immediately after a woman was bitten by a dog in Baden-Baden. The topic of dog licenses came up again.

Participants in the dog licensing course will walk their dogs on leashes.

In Lower Saxony, dog owners have been required to license their dogs since July 2013 (iconic photo).

Photo: Sebastian Kernert/DPA

Following the incident in Ebersteinburg, animal protection organization Peta spoke out. A woman was bitten by a dog in the Baden-Baden area on Monday, April 29th.

A pedestrian encountered the four-legged friend and his owner around 2:30 p.m. Police said the woman asked the dog’s owner to put the dog on a short leash.

Off-leash dog bites passerby in Ebersteinburg

An argument ensued that a passerby had been bitten by the dog, according to initial findings. A corresponding report is waiting for the guy.

Monic Moll from Peta said: ‘Most of the time the problem is not with the dog, but on the other end of the leash. Any dog ​​can be dangerous if kept or handled incorrectly. ” states. Peta calls for the immediate implementation of a planned dog driving license in Baden-Württemberg.

Dog driving licenses have been compulsory in Lower Saxony since 2013.

Animal rights groups say this will require people to complete courses and practical seminars before adopting a four-legged friend. Obtaining such a driver’s license has been mandatory in Lower Saxony since July 2013.

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