July 12, 2024

IKEA doesn’t just give people practical solutions to problems we weren’t aware of. There are also some creative IKEA hacks for animals.

IKEA experts at TikTok and Co. offer solutions to problems we are unaware of.Or have you ever faced the problem of how to erase an unused door? Or how to eat comfortably on the sofa without risking stains? But just for us is not bipedal walking Here’s a really ingenious hack. DIY and hack experts on sites like TikTok and Instagram are also coming up with ideas for dogs and other animals.

IKEA makes our homes not only more beautiful and practical, but also smarter. You can see how this works in the following video.

How to make your home smarter with IKEA products!

How to make your home smarter with IKEA products!

Practical IKEA hack: How to set up a cute dog feeding station

The corners where dog feeding stations are located are usually not very attractive. But with this simple IKEA hack by @mskerih, you can transform an unsightly place into a cozy eating nook, and the furniture will not only be practical for his four-legged friend, but also visually appealing. It will be.All he needs is STOLTHETbamboo cutting board. Measuring 35 x 22 centimeters, it’s perfect for 2 bowls. There’s nothing more to the IKEA hack. The TikToker places a tall cutting board on a small rug, followed by two bowls. The little darling is happy with his new nice corner.

This IKEA dog hack is really ‘super simple’. Just drive to IKEA or click the buy button in our online shop. Of course, Vero isn’t the only one happy with such a beautiful and lovingly arranged feeding station. You can also use tricks for cats. Your furry friend will definitely thank you.

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