May 21, 2024

Dachshunds are popular hunting dogs, but they are also considered to be very stubborn and stubborn. Members of his German club, Wolgast, a local group from his club, can also tell you a lot about this. Fellow namesake Martin Luft isn’t the only one who is sometimes as brash as Oscar.

Dog owners are well aware that dachshunds can hear every word well, so they meet regularly for training and education. Recently, among others, there was a visit from professional dog trainer Stefan Huss from Darmstadt.

Dog training starts with the person

He spent the entire weekend focusing on properly training his four-legged friend. It starts with humans. Therefore, the master and mistress had to undergo several hours of theory lessons before the dog could begin training.

At his dog school, Stefan Huss emphasizes that animal welfare-compliant training is important to him. This means training your dog with praise and positive motivation, rather than punishment or violence. Hunting dogs can also be trained and managed more easily using new methods, says a dog expert who knows a lot about dachshunds’ personalities because he has owned one himself.

Critical search for injured people

Welding work is considered an important field of application in hunting. That means searching for and finding injured animals based on scent. It makes sense that proving a working dog is part of the hunt, Fass said. For example, if you use your competent four-legged friends correctly, attacked animals can be rescued faster and spared from suffering. From his point of view, the canine expert explains, welding work is a top priority in training.

The training day in Hohendorf attracted dachshund owners from all over MV. Some dog owners have traveled from Binz or Schwerin. There were approximately 22 participants in total in the group. The course was also supported by the Vorpommernfonds and the State Hunting Association.

Ankrammer Bernd Wiesorkowski, member of the Executive Committee of the State Hunting Association, was also able to provide impressive figures regarding the use of dogs in hunting. Currently, MV has 5,046 available dogs with the right to be used for hunting.

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