May 18, 2024

Leipzig – What is good for a two-legged friend cannot harm a four-legged friend either. A personal trainer from Leipzig specializes in “yoga dog”, a physical and mental practice with an animal companion.

All dogs should have earth hooks during class so they don’t go exploring on their own. ©Michel Hertusch

I want to keep busy with my 40-hour job, family commitments, meetings with friends, hobbies, sports, and even my dog. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, and it’s not uncommon for your furry friend to have a setback along the way. Every day is stressful.

So Michelle Hertsch, a fitness trainer from Leipzig, came up with the clever idea of ​​combining exercise and activity with her dog with her own “me time”. Even before coronavirus, she developed a yoga course for her two-legged friends that they could join together with their four-legged friends.

Just like in a regular class, participants move through a series of poses such as downward dog, warrior pose, and deep stretches.

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In “dog yoga,” dogs also participate, either tapping their paws on their owners’ thighs in a warrior position or being led underneath their bodies in a plank position.


Michelle Hertsch and her dog Toni. ©Michel Hertusch

Relax while doing yoga with your dog

When the owner calms down, the dog can also relax. ©Michel Hertusch

“Of course, during this time the dog should be resting, relaxing and calm,” Michelle Hertsch explains to TAG24. Mindfulness is very important in dog yoga.

“To avoid falling into a routine, I always have different sequences. In between, I actively take time for my dog, such as carefully stroking his paws. It probably doesn’t happen anymore,” Leipzig said. Resident.

Her new course will begin at the end of May at Bettina Christo’s Dog Center in Leipzig-Thekla. There is room for about 10-12 dog and human teams in her, and basically any breed of dog is welcome.

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“The basic command is to sit, and it may not be very appropriate to take the puppy with you,” advises Michelle.

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