May 18, 2024

Berlin – Fukano (7) has lived there for five years. Berliner Animal shelter. But the border collie-shepherd mix is ​​still holding out hope for a new owner.

Fukano, a 7-year-old cute mutt, no longer wants to live in an animal shelter. © Berlin Animal Shelter (image montage)

According to his keepers, Fukano has grown steadily and is now a confident, active and friendly cub.

But that wasn’t always the case. At first, the dog was aloof and didn’t really value company. Fukano also hated touching people.

This mixed breed dog is currently doing well with his caregiver. Fukano is easily motivated with food, loves the game of hunting, and dog multiplication tables are no problem for him either.

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Fukano gets along well with several female dogs and loves all things water related. He runs well in a group of dogs.

As soon as the fur nose builds the necessary trust, the Fukano will be able to enjoy a really cozy hug.


Mr. Fukano loves collecting games. © Berlin Animal Shelter

Fukano, a mixed breed, is looking for a new home

Dogs now like to be scratched. © Berlin Animal Shelter

However, please be careful. It’s important for dog owners to know that Fukano still requires a muzzle in certain situations. But now he wears it very reliably.

Therefore, future owners of deep dogs need experience with more difficult dogs. Dogs desire leadership that is confident, sensitive, and consistent. The structure of his new home must be clear.

A quiet home with a fenced yard and dog room is perfect for your cute four-legged friend. Children should not be allowed to live in that household.

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Current keepers estimate that Fukano can stay alone for up to two hours.

Do you want to be Fukano’s savior and give him the home he deserves? Then contact us via phone number 030 76888-212 To his zookeepers. Plan several visits to animal shelters to get to know the deep wilderness.

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