May 21, 2024

For many people vacationing in the Baltic Sea, dogs are part of the family and they cannot go on vacation without them. Unfortunately, not all dog owners follow the rules, which can sometimes lead to trouble with your four-legged friends.

Well, once again an inconsiderate dog owner has flouted Baltic rules and caused trouble on the sunny island of Fehmarn. This time it’s not the tourists’ fault, but the residents’ fault.

Baltic Sea: irresponsible dog owner causes anger

A woman walking around the streets of Fehmarnburg made a startling observation. She wrote on social media: “The dog in St. Jürgenstrasse/Kapelle is running free again, barking and growling at motorists and cyclists!” Build a media network to vent your anger.

The author said that he himself was afraid of dogs. Her post, which she shared with other dog lovers and Baltic lovers, reads: “How can someone be so irresponsible? I can’t help but shake my head at her!” .

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Many Baltic lovers express concern for dogs and other people. “Someday someone might get bitten or my dog ​​might get mauled,” one woman wrote, and she urged dog owners to contact the police or security services.

Baltic: This dog is known to many local residents

Another person also reported repeated unpleasant encounters with a small black dog and its owner. “It was very violent just yesterday. I went to the police today. But unfortunately they can’t intervene unless there is a criminal offense,” she said in a comment.

This dog is causing problems on the island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. photograph: private

It goes on to say that this means police can only intervene if a biting incident occurs, “if the dog causes a cyclist to fall, or if a road accident occurs”. There is. However, the victims could not sit idly by and called the security authorities.

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“I have filed a formal complaint. I hope now that finally something will be done,” she says. She is not alone in hoping for a swift response from the authorities, as do others who love the Baltic Sea. Because if the dog does something, at some point it may be too late.

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