May 18, 2024

An animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia has reported yet another gruesome news. Like many of his fellow dogs, the stately Shar Pei Buck has to meet a sad fate. Buck is only 4 months old.

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The bag was purchased online by its former owner, as has become popular during the coronavirus pandemic. There was no consideration that the dog should be in good hands. It was all about money. Now, the dog has ended up at the Bergheim Animal Shelter.

NRW animal shelter: owner gives away Buck immediately

Buck was returned a few days later and now has to survive in an animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia. The owner’s reason was that the dog was suffering from allergies. And that was just a few days later.

The Bergheim Animal Shelter is in fear. A Facebook user asked the obvious question: “When will personality tests be done for people who want to adopt an animal?” Unfortunately, finding a new owner for this young dog won’t be easy.

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An animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia reports that Buck is a so-called “torture breeder.” These dogs are bred purely with looks in mind, but often come with a number of health problems (read more about another case of torture breeding here).

Buck’s suffering: No end in sight yet

So Buck also comes with his own set of problems. An animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia reports that the young dog is highly susceptible to a “genetically determined disease.” As a result, the Bergheim Animal Shelter has decided to keep Buck in their care for the time being.

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So Buck will likely be staying at an animal shelter for the time being. But hopefully he will eventually find a good home soon where he will be treated fairly and will not be able to find his way back to the animal shelter in a few days.

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