May 27, 2024

Troisdorf – currently alive Buddy is still at the Troisdorf animal shelter, but things should change soon. Because even though animal rescuers are taking the best possible care of their rescuers, he feels… dog Unfortunately, the facilities cannot be called comfortable.

Buddy the dog longs for a real home with people who will accept him forever. © Instagram/tierheim__troisdorf

Buddy’s guardians recently took a photo of him on Instagram to give a closer look at the 5-year-old four-legged friend, and he was seen looking dreamily into the distance, wondering how long he would be kept in an animal shelter. He seemed to think it was.

Buddy isn’t lacking anything, but the dog still wants a real home.

Unfortunately, the Staffordshire terrier mix is ​​not coping well with the hectic life of an animal shelter, as the animal’s guardians recently informed more than 23,000 Instagram fans.

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“He looks forward to the day when he can go for walks and leave the animal shelter behind,” the animal rescuers said, adding that, like Buddy, this four-legged friend will soon turn his back on the facility for good. I hope.

While at the animal shelter, the gray staffy mix learned a lot and experienced great growth.


Dog Buddy has already learned a lot at the Troisdorf Animal Shelter

Buddy is looking for a loving home with knowledgeable dog lovers

Buddy has already learned a lot during his time at Troisdorf Animal Shelter and we are currently looking for a confident canine friend who knows how to handle Buddy. © Instagram/tierheim__troisdorf

Buddy now not only takes great walks in groups, but also rides well in cars. Overall, this mixed breed is a great companion on field trips, and handlers report that they are already learning a lot from interacting with other dogs.

The animal shelter is currently looking for a confident canine friend to provide fair and positive guidance to this young four-legged friend.

No children, cats or small animals should be allowed to live in your furry friend’s new home, as the animal shelter has notified potential interested parties in advance. Buddy’s new home must also be above ground or have an elevator.

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Important to know: Cold-nosed dogs are one of the dogs on the list, so conditions apply to Buddy’s demeanor.

As a Staffordshire mix, Buddy is one of the dogs featured on our list. Therefore, his position is subject to conditions. © Instagram/tierheim__troisdorf

If you meet all the requirements and would like to learn more about Buddy, please send us an email using the following methods: Animal shelter website Please contact your employee.

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