May 18, 2024

FILE - South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem speaks on Friday, Feb. 23, 2024, in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Noem posted an infomercial-style video on X on Monday, March 11, 2024, lavishing praise on her cosmetic dentist team.  .

Kristi Noem has made a name for herself as an up-and-coming Republican hardliner in the United States.Image: AP/Alex Brandon

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It was supposed to be an anecdote to demonstrate her resolve, but for Donald Trump’s running mate Kristi Noem, the dog shooting has become a boomerang threat. The anger isn’t just among her political opponents.

The Guardian reported Friday that South Dakota’s governor will explain in a new book how he killed his dog several years ago. She killed a large number of chickens at a local farm and was unable to train them.

The governor dragged the animal to a gravel pit where he immediately shot it to death. She did what she had to do, Kristi Noem said.

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The story caused a stir and was reported by many media outlets, including in Germany. The criticism forced Republicans to comment. “As I explain in the book, it wasn’t easy. But the easy way is often not the right way,” she wrote about X.

Dog associations and animal rights activists have since expressed horror. The topic is also of interest to Noem’s political opponents. IPresident Joe Biden’s campaign couldn’t have missed the swipe.

Biden and Clinton react to Kristi Noem dog scandal

Joe Biden did not respond directly to the report. But the fact that hours later his campaign team released a photo of him and Vice President Kamala Harris with a dog is probably no coincidence.

Biden’s fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, also spoke out. She meaningfully commented on her own old post in 2021. “Don’t choose someone you can’t trust for your dog.” She captioned the post, “Still true.”

Meghan McCain, the spokeswoman for the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, said Kristi Noem decided to end her political career with a dog anecdote. “You can recover from things like politics and changing the narrative, but you can’t recover from killing dogs.” She decides. When she thinks of Kristi Noem, what immediately comes to her mind is “the fact that she murdered her misbehaving puppy. This is clearly cruel and insane.”

Kristi Noem: ‘Animal societies are scared’

The Associated Press reported that a representative from the U.S. umbrella organization for pedigree dog breeders said they made a “terrible decision” in the case. The dog was a baby at 14 months old and “obviously untrained.”

National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue, an animal welfare organization that rescues German wirehaired pointers like Noem’s, says it uses “more humane methods” when handling difficult young dogs. He pointed out that there is a solution. If this happens, contact your trainer, breeder, or animal rescue organization.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is known for his brutality and is also known as Putin’s Hound due to his relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The 47-year-old regularly depicts himself and his sons carrying weapons or war-like scenarios on his own channel. Because he is focused on passing on power to his descendants. One reason for this is believed to be Kadyrov’s health condition. As early as the fall of 2023, he became a hot topic when it was reported that his general condition was in poor condition.

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