May 21, 2024

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Animals can’t get on planes easily. They must remain in their carrier bag and survive the procedure. A new airline wants to change that.

Owners who want to take their pets on trips are always faced with difficult questions. Can you really expect your four-legged friend to fly? Small dogs and cats are allowed on most airlines as long as they’re kept in a locked shipping container. However, larger animals often need to be transported only in the hold. It’s not a good idea to be trapped in a noisy, dark place with your familiar owner nowhere to be seen. BarkBox now wants to address this issue. The provider, known as a subscription service for products and services for dogs, now also wants to conquer the skies for our four-legged friends in the form of the world’s first dog airline.

New airline focuses on dog experience

“Bark Air” is scheduled to enter service on May 28th. Weekly long-haul flights operate between Westchester County Airport near New York and Van Nuys in Los Angeles. Flights between Westchester and London Stansted Airport are scheduled shortly thereafter.

A dog is sitting on a blanket on an airplane.
Flying on a plane is stressful for many animals. (Iconic image) © Pond5 Images/Imago

The website states that Berkair flights come with full service. After booking, travelers will be contacted directly by a concierge who will collect information about their dog and their travel plans. To ensure efficient check-in, dogs and owners must arrive at the airport one hour before their departure. There should be no annoying lines or shipping boxes. Instead, all dogs flying with you are familiar with each other and are allowed to run around the aircraft without a leash. Pleasant scents, music, and a variety of treats and beverages from water to bone broth are meant to give your four-legged friend a carefree flying experience.

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“There’s a lot of interest and demand, but there’s also a lot of frustration,” exclaims Matt Meeker, the airline’s CEO. washington post. “People are looking for smart solutions for transporting their dogs during house moves, summer vacations, and weekend trips. To find out, he visited the boxes loaded with luggage.”On the plane. “It was very small, very dark. Loud noises. Disoriented. No food, no water. No way to go to the bathroom,” Meeker said. “It was very, very bad.”

Tickets cost as much as a used small car.

Bark Air does not have its own fleet of aircraft, instead partnering with New York-based charter company Talon Air. There is space on board for 14 passengers, including a dog, but capacity is limited to 10.

There is no question that this special service is not free. However, for some people, the price of a plane ticket can eat up his entire month’s salary. Currently, a transatlantic ticket from London to New York costs $8,000, which equates to just under 7,500 euros for him. A ticket within the United States costs $6,000 (approximately 5,600 euros). The goal, Meeker said, is to gradually expand its offerings and use larger aircraft to lower prices.

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